Scientifically Illiterate Hall of Shame inducts CA State Senator Noreen Evans

Our latest induction to the Scientifically Illiterate Hall Of Shame (SIHS) is California State Senator Noreen Evans. Evans introduced a GMO labeling law in California and this is her reasoning according to the Press Democrat website The Santa Rosa Democrat says genetically modified organisms have been linked to health problems ranging from allergies to cancer, and that babies, in particular, are at risk of getting Read More →

Anti-science progressives: Shermer, Mooney and Lynas weigh in

I don’t know how I missed it, but I just came across this discussion with noted skeptic Michael Shermer, environmentalist Judas Mark Lynas and no relation, Chris Mooney author of the Republican Brain. I have some problems with Mooney’s take in that he seems to excuse the progressive anti-science mindset by saying the right is worse due to the fact a bigger percentage of the Read More →

1585: Villagers terrified by demonic apple. 2014: They still are

This came across my Twitter transom recently. I think it’s apt for the antis who are frightened by the non-browning Artic Apple. It is from a site called history weird which is a really fun site In 1585 the villagers of Annecy, about 20 miles south of Geneva, were subject to an unusual form of demonic possession. According to French magistrate and chronicler Henri Boguet, Read More →

Heads up anti-GMO: More blind people might see. Nip it in the bud

Heads up antis. A clinical trial has shown promising results for treatment of a rare sight disorder. According to the Guardian, an Oxford University clinical trial used gene therapy to help people with progressive blindness. The trial was small and experimental, so no conclusive results can be gleaned at this early stage, but researchers were given enough hope to continue research.  This is a bad Read More →


Amy Harmon: When good journalists cross the anti-GMO cult

Pulitzer Prize winning journalist for the New York Times, Amy Harmon hit another one out of the park recently and earned even more wrath from the anti-gmo cult when she wrote about one man’s lonely journey into learning the facts about GMOs, Harmon first wrote about GMOs in her piece on a disease endangering the Florida citrus industry. That brought her into the savage sights of the anti-gmo Read More →

Allow Golden Rice: A video appeal by environmentalist Patrick Moore

Patrick Moore is one of the early members of Greenpeace. He left in the 1980s after he felt the organization had lost its way. In the last few years, he has come out in favor of GMOs and changed his stance on such issues as nuclear power. As proof the environmental movement is more like a cult rather than an emotional, but rationally thinking movement, Read More →


Connecticut becomes the first scientifically illiterate state

The State of Connecticut has become the first state in the nation to be inducted into the Progressive Contrarian’s Scientifically Illiterate Hall of Shame. The scientifically illiterate Connecticut legislature passed a mandatory GMO labeling law earlier this year and a smiling scientifically clueless governor, Dannel P. Malloy, made an appearance at a local raw foods cafe in Fairfield on Wednesday to do a ceremonial signing of the GMO Read More →


Food Democracy and Earth Open Source: Anti-GMO punks

Last week I followed a little exchange on the Twitter between Biofortified’s Anastasia Bodnar and some punk from the anti-gmo activist group Food Democracy who Bodnar identified as Dave Murphy, the founder and Executive Director of Food Democracy Now! It all started innocently enough. Bodnar had watched a Kickstarter promo for a documentary The:SEED: The Untold Story. She thought it looked liked a cool doc, but questioned Read More →

A Thanksgiving story of secret generosity

Thanksgiving is upon and I have been remiss in posting. So, I decided to drag out this 2010 column from the archives. It’s from a previous incarnation. I figured since most of my posts are negative and how people are dumbasses and asshats, it might be nice to post something positive. It’s a story that I had to write since it was a story that Read More →

Kickstarter campaign to build anti-GMO Scaredy Cat Town

The anti-gmo/organic crowd seems to be a bunch of ‘fraidy cats. Corporations, gmos, pesticides, most of the modern world get them squealing like stuck pigs. Everything’s giving us cancer and all kinds of other scary diseases. And because they feel impotent to stop it, they create scenarios where everyone is on the take and it’s one big conspiracy. Something needs to be done to help Read More →