The return of the Contrarian

So much has happened in the last seven months in the GMO world. My last post was in July 2014 when I wound up in the hospital. Thanks, Monsanto. Details aren’t necessary, but I had my tablet with me and was keeping up with the news, GMO and otherwise. I asked my friend Maria to bring my laptop so I could write this blog and Read More →


Anti-GMO/Organic activists… GIMME! GIMME! GIMME! ME! ME! ME!

Lately it has occurred to me that along with buying into nonsense and bad science, the Anti-GMO and organic crowd sounds like a bunch of entitled, spoiled children. Look at the GMOInside meme above. The crowd is always making demands about their food. Who makes demands about their food and drink? Well, fed, affluent, self-entitled westerners, that’s who. More to the point, assholes. When I Read More →


Mike Adams’ crazy train goes off the tracks

In case you haven’t heard, there was a massive train wreck over at Natural News. Mike Adams has gone full Godwin and called for the murder of those who he deems “Monsanto collaborators,” comparing them to Nazi collaborators. Writing on his website he says “…it is the moral right — and even the obligation — of human beings everywhere to actively plan and carry out Read More →

Anti-GMO goes bananas

The latest nonsense emanating from the Anti camp is this from our friends at GMOFreeUSA. The stupidity is astounding. Wait. Aren’t these the same folks who have been screaming there have been no studies of GMOs and their effect on humans? Anti-GMO: No testing of safety on humans! GMO banana: Okay. Human testing. Anti-GMO: OMG! Testing on humans! Well, then. Let’s have a look-see at Read More →


My father was a pain in my ass, but a great guy.

I just accidentally came across this in one of my folders that I don’t remember writing. Apparently I wrote in 2010 and didn’t post it. So, as it’s Fathers Day… The old man was a pain in the ass. You couldn’t get away with anything. I always wanted the dad that would cry, “Not my son!” when you got into trouble. I got the, “That Read More →


The Anti-GMO movement is big fan of autocratic countries

Since the Anti-GMO movement doesn’t have the facts or real science their side, they hitch their wagon to anybody or anything that promotes their cause no matter how illegitimate. When they’re not doing that they’re making shit up. Their latest nonsense is favoriting countries with less than stellar democratic leanings who are banning GMOs. Here’s GMOFREEUSA’s latest hero country Seriously? They are celebrating a military Read More →

Fish genes in my tomato? Dumbass.

You hear this nonsense over and over. They’re putting genes from unrelated species into GMOs. This very idea shows how ignorant the anti-gmo activists are when it comes to science and DNA. What this post is about is that you don’t have to be a squint to understand the science. I’m not a scientist and I’ll admit that before I started learning about GMOs I Read More →

Five versions of New York City

This is off topic, but it’s something that is near and dear to my heart. So,what the hell?  Back in the day, many of us in the hinterlands dreamed of moving to NYC. It was a romantized vision, but a true one. We had this idea we could leave it all behind and not so much re-invent ourselves, but become a part of what was Read More →

Organickers/Anti-GMO and pesticides: Fear vs. reality

One of the biggest whines of the Organickers and Antis, (besides take me to Portland)  is how GMO and conventional farming douses, drenches, drowns, their crops in pesticides. And like all their other imaginary facts, this one is imaginary as well; like the idea that organic farming uses no toxic pesticides A recent post on the Genetic Literacy Project website by an actual real life farmer, Read More →

Monanto shill = intellectually bankrupt.

It used to be “Monsanto Shill”was an exclusive club. Now it seems that anyone who doesn’t see GMOs as the worst thing to happen since Justin Bieber are on the payroll. It’s really an intellectually bankrupt accusation. Just go to any comment board, including this one and you see it. I did a quick search in quote for “Monsanto shill” and got 14,000 results. Then Read More →