Folta, FOIA and USRTK in 200 words

Dr. Kevin Folta, non-GMO scientist does science outreach regarding the issue of GMOs. He speaks about the science of GMOs and how his audiences can better communicate that science. Anti-GMO group, US Right to Know (USRTK) files FOIA request in search of collusion between Dr. Kevin Folta and Monsanto. They find that Monsanto awarded University of Florida $25K to aid in Folta’s outreach. No money Read More →


A quick apology

  Boy, did I get into hot water recently with this post, The Contrarian jerks his knee and regrets it. In a protracted Twitter imbroglio I got hammered by the people involved. The post was interpreted as a slam at women and that was not my intention. Then the swell @julie_kelly2 took offense at my jocular use of the word “chicks.” So what did I do?  I Read More →

Lying, hypocritical assholes

So, I tweeted to GMWatch and GMOFreeUsa and asked them to stop being hypocritical assholes and release all their financial data. I also challenged them to go face to face in a public forum with those scientists they are libeling. My tweets were deleted. There you go folks. They are nothing but full of shit internet thugs. They don’t have the balls to go one Read More →

We’re Pulling Out And Pushing Forward

This FOIA thing against public scientists by ostensibly left-wing groups is not only absurd, it reeks. A segment of the progressive movement has become the Westboro Baptist version of the left and funded by anti-science crazy people. The USTRK, led by asshole Gary Ruskin is funded by crazy people, the Organic Consumers Association who are also anti-vaccine. The science folks are getting hit hard and are Read More →


The Contrarian jerks his knee and regrets it

At first I was excited when I saw this. Cool, huh? Smart, sciency chicks. I immediately RSVP’d because some people I know, at least digitally, are on that list. Then I looked at where it was, the Distilled Spirits Council of the United States. Even cooler. Free booze? But something was nagging at me. I looked up the address so I could decide the best way Read More →


Gary Ruskin of USRTK channels Richard Nixon

” I mean, I want it implemented on a thievery basis. Goddamn it, get in and get those files. Blow the safe and get it.”–Richard Nixon  In 1946, when Richard Nixon first ran for Congress he used smear tactics to insinuate his opponent Democrat Jerry Voorhis had Communist ties because he had once been endorsed by the pro-labor CIO-PAC. In 1950 in his bid for the Senate, Read More →

The Belligerent Bullying of Public Scientist Dr. Kevin Folta

There’s a guy, Jeff Holiday, whose videos I watch on the Youtubes. He’s a member of a GMO Facebook group I belong to. He’s a sciency type skeptic and one smart cookie except he has those nose things. I hate those. For some reason they creep me out, especially on women. Anyway, he did a video in which he hits the nail on head regarding the Read More →


Desperation in the anti-GMO cult

It was just a matter of time before the antis found a “smoking gun” to bring down their worst nightmare, the affable and effective science communicator Dr. Kevin Folta. Gary Ruskin, hired* hit man for the anti-gmo and anti-vax Organic Consumers Association filed all kinds of FOIAs to uncover the nefarious links between university scientists and industry. He found it in the fact that Folta Read More →


Has the Anti-GMO worm turned… more?

Back in April, I wrote in a post called Anti-GMO…crazier  than I thought  The anti-GMO movement is in a bad place. While they still con people into buying their lies and nonsense, a subtle shift has occurred. Opinion is beginning to turn against them. Mainstream media has been casting a much more skeptical eye and various lefty/green writers have either changed their minds or at least Read More →


The “But Johnny does it” argument of GMO labeling

I’ve written about this before, but since it has been brought up by my candidate Bernie Sanders, I think it is time to revisit it. Because other countries do something means we should do it is a stupid argument, plain and simple. The response to this is the age-old mother’s retort, If Johnny jumped off the Brooklyn Bridge, would you do it too? Let’s look Read More →