Anthony Gucciardi: Anti-science crackpot and pretend journalist

The liberal/left is constantly excoriating FoxNews for their dishonest and incredibly slanted reporting. The thing is, every once in a while, whether by design or accident they get it right. This can not be said for Anthony Gucciardi.

Gucciardi is a writer for Nation of Change and the Natural Society websites. His bio lists him as “an accomplished investigative journalist whose articles have appeared on top news sites and have been read by millions worldwide. Anthony’s articles have been featured on top health & political websites read by millions worldwide such as Reuters, Yahoo News, MSNBC, and Bloomberg.”

If those sites are publishing him they need a better vetting process. Everything Gucciardi writes is wrong or misleading. I’m not talking once in a while, or even often. I mean every single article, bar none. If at one time he was a journalist, he sure isn’t one now.  He’s an alternative health, anti-GMO, anti-vax, crackpot activist.

His November 30th column, EU Food Safety Agency: Please Stop Performing GMO Research is a classic example of his dishonesty.  That headline is absolutely not true. The issue is the totally discredited Seralini study (which he still supports). What the ESFA actually said was there was no need to go back and re-test the GM corn that since it has been found safe.  In fact, the article he links to doesn’t say that either. What is says is that the EFSA  “finds there is no need to re-examine its previous safety evaluations of NK603,” That’s a far cry from saying stop all GMO testing.

In the same article he references Wikileaks documents which tells of how Monsanto used its muscle with the US Government to apply pressure to countries so they would accept GMOs. While that is true, its old news and most likely not happening anymore. It happened during the Bush II years and there is no evidence that the policy was continued under Obama. The ambassador, a Bush crony who was the point man is no longer in government.

Back in June he wrote, Genetically Modified Grass Kills Cattle By Producing Warfare Chemical Cyanide, another bullshit article. “Another report of genetically modified creations taking the lives of livestock has hit the media, and this time genetically modified grass has been identified as the culprit according to CBS News. Shockingly (and quite disturbingly), the GM grass actually produced toxic cyanide

Wrong again, Tony. While the CBS news report originally reported the grass was GM, they later corrected the error.  Tony never issued an update to correct the error. I wrote about this issue back in June as well:

“According to the Texas Agricultural Service:

“Tifton 85 is a hybrid bermudagrass that was jointly developed and officially released in 1992 by the USDAARS and the University of Georgia Coastal Plain Experiment Station in Tifton, Georgia. It is a cross between a selection from South Africa (PI 290884) and Tifton 68.”

What happened was the grass started spontaneously producing cyanide gas. Texas has been experiencing a drought and there is a connection. During droughts, some grasses like Tifton 85 can produce high concentrations of cyanide.”

In an “Activist” website  post back in June, he wrote about Gottfried Gloeckner  a German farmer who claimed Sygenta’s Bt corn was the cause of the deaths of 70 of his cattle. Syngenta was charged and the charges were dismissed when a court couldn’t find a connection. Gucciardi wrote Gloeckner launched an investigation in conjunction with the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) and Syngenta to get to determine the exact cause(s) of the deaths.  He says that at the time of his piece the results weren’t made public but immediately goes on to say, “The charges bring to light just how far large biotechnology companies will go to conceal evidence linking their genetically modified products to serious harm.”

So what did kill Gloeckner’s cows? Well, they tested and found no problems with the Bt corn. What they did find were  botulism pathogens in the one of the dead cows, evidence in a second one and in three of the 5 surviving cows. They also found mycotoxins in the feed and bad hygiene standards at the farm, all of which could lead to illness and death. Did we get an update from Tony?

In 2011, he wrote an anti-vax article for The Canadian. Stephen Novella, a clinical neurologist criticized that article, writing on his blog, ” Everything Gucciardi wrote is either outright factually wrong, or incomplete in a way that makes it highly misleading.”

These are just a few examples of Gucciardi’s so-called journalism.

When old Tony isn’t writing nonsense, he is hawking alternative health products. He is a partner in Natural Attitude which peddles, advanced spagyrex formulations.  You might ask, what the hell is that? It’s a trademarked name for an old medieval process called Spagyrics. Again you ask, “huh?”  Without going into a detailed  explanation,  just think alchemy.

By the way, the product is sold exclusively through Mike Adams’

What are the odds?

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  1. While you got some of the details correct here, there is still a problem. The article talks about grass giving off cyanide gas. That is incorrect. Many types of grasses will accumulate compounds called cyanogenic glycosides during times when the plant is under stress. Drought is one such stress. When the animals eat the grass with these cyanogenic glycosides, these compounds will be broken down to produce HCN, commonly called Prussic acid. Prussic acid poisoning of cattle is well known. I had a crop of Sudan grass many years ago which we suspected was high in cyanide, and we treated it accordingly. Teh link below has a description of the problem by Larry Redmon who is a Texas state forage extension specialist.

  2. “Everything Gucciardi writes is wrong or misleading. I’m not talking once in a while, or even often. I mean every single article, bar none. If at one time he was a journalist, he sure isn’t one now.”

    Arguable; but consider…

    James Inhofe: Anti-science crackpot and UNITED STATES SENATOR.
    This guy makes Gucciardi look like a Nobel Laureate. And he’s the RANKING MEMBER OF THE SENATE COMMITTEE ON ENVIRONMENT AND PUBLIC WORKS! Proud conservative and evolution denier, he is the champion of the climate change denial community. With no evident scientific bona fides, he has written a book called “The Greatest Hoax: How the Global Warming Conspiracy Threatens Your Future.” Apparently, he disbelieves the consensus of about 97% of actual climate scientists about the threats that global warming pose to our future. Never mind that he recently told Rachel Maddow that “I thought [Global Warming] must be true until I found out what it cost.”
    While I may run across the occasional Gucciardi article and chuckle about the histrionics, Inhofe is a major league evil-doer, and no laughing matter.

  3. “totally discredited Seralini study”

    You people are all the same. As soon as a study does not conform to your opinion, you scream ‘discredited study’. While at the same time swallowing any study funded by big corporations without questioning it.

    Please, keep drinking diet coke. And don’t forget to take your swine flu jabs. Get two while you are at it.

    1. Daniel, it’s not about “opinion.” It’s about what the science says. Seralini is a well-known opponent of GMOs and some of his studies have been partially funded by Greenpeace. Across the board, the scientific community has savaged his studies.

      He has also come under scrutiny from science ethicists for this latest one. They say he allowed the rats to live longer than they should to enable him to present such horrid pictures. In essence, he has been accused of animal cruelty to make a political point.

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