Kickstarter campaign to build anti-GMO Scaredy Cat Town

The anti-gmo/organic crowd seems to be a bunch of ‘fraidy cats. Corporations, gmos, pesticides, most of the modern world get them squealing like stuck pigs. Everything’s giving us cancer and all kinds of other scary diseases.

And because they feel impotent to stop it, they create scenarios where everyone is on the take and it’s one big conspiracy. Something needs to be done to help these poor creatures.

It is in that spirit I suggest we start a Kickstarter campaign to buy these scaredy cats their own town where they can go live and be free of the pernicious and deadly effects of progress. We’ll call the town, Scaredy Cat Town.

In Scaredy Cat Town, they will be free to plant their organic heirloom seeds and live a life free from health laws and the modern age.

Of course, the internet will be banned as well as computers because the internet was created by the military, which they hate and because IBM, which was instrumental in starting the home computer age, built computers for the Nazis.  That makes the internet and computers bad.

Since they feel so enamored of tradition and old school methods of living life, the town will be based on life as it was in the late 1800s. Lots of labor intensive living.

But wait, where will their lighting come from? Gas? Oh, no. Extracting gas is an environmental no-no. They’ll have to get their lighting from fires made with wood. Uh oh, can’t do that either because they don’t want to destroy our old growth forests.

Well, solar must be the answer. Oops, you need modern technology to create solar panels and that is an environmental nightmare as well.

Oh, and no modern medicine. Much of modern medicine has been created by unnatural methods and in many cases by GE. Only traditional herbs and secret spices will be allowed to cure illness and disease.

This isn’t that crazy of an idea. In the 1960s, the hippies moved to communes which pretty much did these very things. That worked out so well, that communes are thriving today in the 21st Century.

Yeah, this post is snarky. But I think it points out, as I’ve written before, somewhere along the line the hippie ethos blended with progressive thought. Although, It was a non-gmo hybrid.

The anti-gmo/organic movement is appealing to a well fed, first world, urban, western, liberal left. And what they want is for the people who supply their food to work hard to supply them with it. Rather than allow their food providers, i.e, farmers to do what works best for them, they advocate labor intensive work… by others… to supply them with their food.

They want the coveniences of modern life, but can’t grasp the concept that all progress comes with risks, trade-offs and benefits.

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