Food Democracy and Earth Open Source: Anti-GMO punks

Last week I followed a little exchange on the Twitter between Biofortified’s Anastasia Bodnar and some punk from the anti-gmo activist group Food Democracy who Bodnar identified as Dave Murphy, the founder and Executive Director of Food Democracy Now!

It all started innocently enough. Bodnar had watched a Kickstarter promo for a documentary The:SEED: The Untold Story. She thought it looked liked a cool doc, but questioned why they included Jeffrey Smith since he didn’t  have any seed saving expertise.



That’s when Murphy responded to her tweet making accusations against her.


In her Storify post which I suggest you read before reading any further, Bodnar explains she is very open that she’s works for the USDA and is very upfront that her personal Twitter account are own words and not those of her employer, yet this punk was trying to make stir up some controversy where none exists in an attempt to discredit her and get her into trouble with her employer.

She responded by saying

I’m not sure why Dave would think I was speaking for the USDA, since my Twitter profile (and every other social media profile that I have) has a clear disclaimer. So I just pointed out my disclaimer and clarified I wasn’t attacking Jeffery Smith.

I only know Anastasia in a digital sense. In all my interactions with her she has been nothing but the nicest person. In fact, I think my rough and tumble approach to this issue makes her wince, because it’s not her style. Basically, she’s nice and doesn’t want to offend and I’m a longshoreman who’s spoiling for a fight. That’s why I think that Murphy is a punk. Anti-gmo people know who she is, including Nancy Murphy. She doesn’t need me to defend her, she can do that very well on her own, but I feel I need to weigh in.

To make a long story short, if you read her account it looked like he was trying to get her in trouble with her employer by cc:ing  their conversation to the USDA twitter account.

They’re ideological jackals who see niceness and a knowledgeable and reasonable approach to this issue as a weakness.

When Bodnar’s partner at Biofortified, Karl Haro von Mogel, a made up name if there ever was one, came to her defense and suggested Murphy come by Biofortified for a discussion, there were CRICKETS. No response.

And then another punk group, Earth Open Source weighed in

bodnar-clip3It was at this point that I wanted to go longshoreman on these punks. They’re nasty little pricks and really do need to have their asses kicked in person. But I doubt they would have the guts to say such things to Bodnar’s face. They don’t have the science on their side so they go after people and try to discredit them.

But, getting back to Karl’s invitation. It makes sense that Nancy Murphy ignored his invitation to a discussion. That’s the M.O. of the anti-gmo groups. They’re scared of  going toe-to-toe with those who really know their stuff.

Look at what happened earlier this year when floater Jeffrey Smith and the litigious Whiplash Seralini were slated to appear at a CATO Institute debate. As long as they knew it was Karl and Anastasia, they were in. The minute Anastasia had to bow out and was replaced by Kevin Folta, they both cancelled and ran away like scared little girls.

These punks, frauds and charlatans can’t stand the heat and that’s why I am calling them out. If they are so sure of their nonsense, I want them to agree to an online public debate on Google Hangouts with Karl, Kevin and Anastasia, if they are willing. I am calling out Dave “Nancy” Murphy, a representative from Earth Open Source and Claire Robinson from GMWatch to engage in a public, real-time discussion on Google.

We’ll schedule it for sometime in February 2014. That should give me enough time to figure out the Hangout thing. I’ll host and moderate, unless someone else wants to do it.

I don’t think it will happen. These punks don’t have the balls to engage in real time in a public forum.

6 thoughts on “Food Democracy and Earth Open Source: Anti-GMO punks”

  1. Ha ha ha ah! “Whiplash Seralini” FTW!

    It’s been a fun few days watching the flailing. But part of me wonders if a debate is the right thing. A lot of folks in science say arguing with creationists, anti-vaxxers, and other of that nature isn’t worth it. It only gives them a platform to spout utter nonsense. And it makes no difference to them.

    1. Well, I think there’s always the chance that something might happen like when Kevin confronted Huber in Florida and people in attendance wound up being skeptical of Huber

  2. I find that they lose the internuts if I get to meet them live. Robinson is a joke. She libeled me to an extreme with absolutely fake information and when I asked her to take it down nicely she took no action.

    You’re looking at the front line attack idiots for a dying crank movement. Good riddance.

    1. “I find that they lose the internuts if I get to meet them live.” That’s my point exactly. If they agreed, which they won’t, would you be up for it?

  3. I prefer to think of it as a “synthetic” name. 🙂
    Good points about debating. I’ll do it if they will. I invited Dave Murphy to a discussion at our site because if he really wanted to engage, he could. But I think he wanted to just be abusive… and his desire for a debate “at the USDA” was just a grab at publicity and legitimacy. I would be delighted to be proven wrong.

  4. Sooooo, what we have here is Karl and Anastasia pointing out that, as usual, Jeffrey is talking out of the wrong orifice (my words). And instead of dealing with the subject matter, Dave and that other guy throw out the red herring and spin out of orbit about what time of day the post is made. I’ve been on a lot of forums in the past week. Anyone who criticizes Seralini is a shill. Same ol’ same ol’.

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