Connecticut becomes the first scientifically illiterate state

double-facepalmsmThe State of Connecticut has become the first state in the nation to be inducted into the Progressive Contrarian’s Scientifically Illiterate Hall of Shame.

The scientifically illiterate Connecticut legislature passed a mandatory GMO labeling law earlier this year and a smiling scientifically clueless governor, Dannel P. Malloy, made an appearance at a local raw foods cafe in Fairfield on Wednesday to do a ceremonial signing of the GMO labeling law.

Despite every major scientific and medical organization agreeing to the safety of GM foods, the legislature and Governor happily agreed with the scientifically illiterate activists. The one good thing in all of this is that in order for the law to take effect, four Northeast states with populations of at least 20 million must adopt similar laws.

In a statement that should qualify him for his own inclusion into the Hall, Malloy said, in a press release

“I also want to be clear: This law does not ban anything. It requires the labeling of food products that have been modified with genetic engineering and do not occur naturally.”  (my emphasis)

When the legislature held hearings on the issues last year they didn’t have one scientist testify. They did have anti-gmo clown Jeffrey Smith testify.  I wrote to the task force to suggest they withdraw their invitation or at least involve real scientists. As I wrote in a post  in June

Last year, I wrote the Connecticut legislature’s GMO Labeling Task Force suggesting they have an actual scientist testify as a counterbalance to Smith’s nonsense. From my email:

I just read that Jeffrey Smith, of the Institute of Responsible Technology will be speaking before your GMO Labeling Task Force on August 8th. I would recommend you rescind this offer as Mr. Smith is a self-styled expert on GMOs. He has no experience in science or agriculture. For some reason he is considered an expert by the media and others.

If this is not possible, I suggest you at least have actual scientists testify on this issue to counterbalance his nonsense.

I received a polite reply from Elaine O’Brien who wrote

“my intention is to gather as much information as possible. I understand that this is not a simple subject and I do not believe we should be rushing to label before we understand the issue”.

What bullshit. They didn’t have any scientists testify and not only that, a member of the legislature even coached an activist on her testimony. I just came across this little nugget on

 Tara Cook-Littman… last year found herself being coached on testifying about GMO foods before the General Assembly by state Rep. Tony Hwang, R-Fairfield.

So, for their willful scientific illiteracy, we induct the State of Connecticut into the Hall of Shame.


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