Heads up anti-GMO: More blind people might see. Nip it in the bud

Heads up antis. A clinical trial has shown promising results for treatment of a rare sight disorder. According to the Guardian, an Oxford University clinical trial used gene therapy to help people with progressive blindness.

The trial was small and experimental, so no conclusive results can be gleaned at this early stage, but researchers were given enough hope to continue research.  This is a bad sign.

The disorder,  choroideremia “steadily destroys eyesight and leaves people blind in middle age.” 

The therapy uses a genetically modified virus to smuggle healthy copies of the CHM gene into light-sensitive cells in the retina and supporting tissue called retinal pigment epithelium.

Given the anti-gmo movement’s love of blindness, as seen in your opposition to Golden Rice, I urge you to get out ahead on this issue and protest the idea of using yet another genetic modification technique to stop people from going blind.

Nature has been blinding people for thousands of years and it is sacrilege and dangerous to mess with the natural order of things. Besides, there are more natural ways to restore sight to blind people, right?