1585: Villagers terrified by demonic apple. 2014: They still are

This came across my Twitter transom recently. I think it’s apt for the antis who are frightened by the non-browning Artic Apple. It is from a site called history weird which is a really fun site

In 1585 the villagers of Annecy, about 20 miles south of Geneva, were subject to an unusual form of demonic possession. According to French magistrate and chronicler Henri Boguet, shrieks and other sinister noises were heard coming from a single apple, which was hanging from a tree near a local bridge. The townsfolk gathered to listen to the cackling apple, though from a safe distance. Recognising the Biblical connotations of a malevolent apple, they were afraid to touch it – nor were they willing to approach the tree to cross the bridge….

Boguet put the phenomenon down to sorcery. The apple, he wrote, had been “filled with devils” by a local witch, who probably intended it for an unsuspecting victim. (emphasis mine)

Now, here is an excerpt from a post on the the nutty Natural Society, anti-gmo website

Like the decrepit hand of a wicked witch offering us all a shiny red apple, the latest GMO project puts a new poison in one of our favorite fruits.