Anti-science progressives: Shermer, Mooney and Lynas weigh in

I don’t know how I missed it, but I just came across this discussion with noted skeptic Michael Shermer, environmentalist Judas Mark Lynas and no relation, Chris Mooney author of the Republican Brain.

I have some problems with Mooney’s take in that he seems to excuse the progressive anti-science mindset by saying the right is worse due to the fact a bigger percentage of the right is anti-science. I don’t agree with that in the sense that, as we have seen with the GMO and vaccine issue, the left is actually more dangerous.

Shermer makes a good point when he says that we have to be wary of using science to bolster our political views. I was just thinking of writing a post about that.

There has been much discussion about whether anti-gmo is anti-science. I think it is because I believe that too many on the left use science for the very reason Shermer states. The fact that progressives believe in the scientific consensus on climate change, but not the scientific consensus on gmos proves that point.

Now, you’re saying to yourself, that makes no sense. And you would be right. But let me explain. If you are unwilling to adapt your political views when scientific consensus and evidence contradict those views, that makes you anti-science.

The video is almost an hour long, but worth a watch. It’s a good discussion.