The “Right to Be Afraid of Things You Don’t Understand” bill introduced in U.S. Senate

Senator Diane Feinstein introduced a companion bill to the Senate’s GMO labeling bill today called “The Right to Be Afraid of Things You Don’t Understand Act.” In a press conference announcing the bill, Feinstein said

Labeling foods that contain GMO ingredients doesn’t go far enough. There are many things in today’s modern world that can seem scary even though there is no evidence to warrant that fear. Nonetheless, people have the right to be afraid especially if that fear is borne out of the worldview.

As an example, Feinstein noted although there was no scientific proof there were monsters in the closet or under the bed, there may come a time when the existence of monsters in the closet and under the bed is proven. “Do we really want to put our children at risk?”

Pressed for details, the California Senator said the bill required all closets and beds to be prominently labeled, “May Contain Monsters.” She explained that The Right to Be Afraid Act would allow citizens to demand, and be afforded, labeling of anything that makes them afraid without local, state or federal approval. Evidence is not required. If it makes them afraid, that is sufficient grounds for labeling.



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  1. Congratulations,

    You are the winner of todays’ most stupid web post entry, in the pro GMO camp! Thanks for wasting all of your time & time posting.

    1. Why? Because the OP understands the scientific consensus about GM crops, unlike you? You have a deeply irrational fear of GMOs that is directly contradicted by all of the available evidence, and you call someone else stupid? LOL!

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