Vermont inducted into the Scientifically Illiterate Hall of Shame plus more dumbass

Our latest inductee to the Scientifically Illiterate Hall of Shame is the Vermont legislature for their overwhelming vote to require labeling foods containing GMO “ingredients.”

In addition to that, two Vermont elected officials get the first Golden Scientific Dumbass Award for sponsoring  the law. The first award is shared and it goes to… State Senator David Zuckerman and State Representative Carolyn Partridge.

Why? Because they are in league with our favorite floater, Jeffrey Smith. I was alerted to a video by a friend on Twitter where Smith interviews, via Skype, his two buddies.

In the video, Smith tells Zuckerman that he “totally remembers” staying “on your living room floor” when he visited in 2003. He also mentions how he testified at an Agricultural Committee hearings on the issue.

Zuckerman also talks about going to an Agricultural summit and meeting with biotech lobbyists who “shook their heads” knowing they were “behind the eight ball from all three of our work” (sic) Jesus H. Christ in a chicken basket.

And this Zuckerman douche smugly says that those who voted against the law felt the need to explain why they voted against it as if it was some negative thing… having to explain your reasoning.

The sad thing is I probably agree with Doucherman  Zuckerman and Partridge 99.9% on other issues. Still, if i had the time and wherewithal to go Vermont I would go there and kick that idiot in the nuts. Yeah, I’m mad. I’m mad because that ponytailed hippie is a member of the Progressive Party

I haven’t gotten through the 25+minutes of the video but I will post it here for you to judge for yourself.


1 thought on “Vermont inducted into the Scientifically Illiterate Hall of Shame plus more dumbass”

  1. Actually, the worst of the crazzeee comes at the end. Partridge tells Jeffrey right before the end that his books were “my bible”. How creepy is that? Policy in the US is actually being made by someone entirely bereft of credentials and science. Of course, readers here will know how atrocious that is because we know about Academics Review’s full fisking of Smith:

    But also near the end they talk about how the real goal of this was not to merely label but to push producers to remove the GMOs from products like the Cheerios and Grape Nuts have done.

    Folks who think the label is just about information: we keep telling you the label is not the goal. It’s just a veneer.

    By supporting these efforts you are encouraging a crank science policy. It’s like letting Jenny McCarthy dictate the vaccine policy.

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