Guest Post: GMO labels. The purpose is…?

Today’s guest “post” comes from friend of the Contrarian, mem-somerville. She’s created a great Storify. As the campaign for labeling heats up,  the true goal of the Right-to-Know labeling crowd is becoming more readily transparent. Through the use of screenshots, she shows the antis in their own words, how their goal is elimination of GMOS and not just a simple label. It’s a beautiful piece of work.


2 thoughts on “Guest Post: GMO labels. The purpose is…?”

  1. Outstanding ! Mem-Somerville has outdone herself ! I wonder if they’ll use this synopsis of intent by anti-gmo groups to demonize GMO’s as evidence of undue and unreasonable burden that GMO labeling laws bring in the upcoming suits against Vermont.

  2. They actually are succeeding at one level. Some of the researchers are avoiding the “GMO type” of genetic fiddling and using other, less controversial, techniques. This current bit of research by Monsanto is wonderful though, because they are concentrating more on flavor and nutrient values, rather than on chemical resistant. What’s not to like in a more awesome lettuce? I kind of wish the first GMO was to create healthier foods, rather than herbicide-resistant corn.

    It bugs me that so many otherwise intelligent people will pile on the anti-GMO bandwagon, without understanding even the basics about genes. But I am in awe of the things that CAN be created by twiddling plant genes, whatever method is used.

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