Organickers/Anti-GMO and pesticides: Fear vs. reality

One of the biggest whines of the Organickers and Antis, (besides take me to Portland)  is how GMO and conventional farming douses, drenches, drowns, their crops in pesticides. And like all their other imaginary facts, this one is imaginary as well; like the idea that organic farming uses no toxic pesticides

A recent post on the Genetic Literacy Project website by an actual real life farmer,  sets the record straight. He shows how they don’t drench or douse their crops in pesticides.

Does GMOFreeUSA actually think we load up big tankers of herbicide and drown our crops with the stuff? First, they don’t understand the meaning of the word drown; second, to really drench a crop we would have to use one of those big tanker airplanes they use to fight forest fires. The video in this link, for example, would qualify as a drenching, probably not a drowning. Sorry, that simply is not what we do on a modern farm.

In fact, it couldn’t be farther from the truth.

You can read the post here: Myth: GM farmers “drown” crops in “dangerous” glyphosate. Fact: Farmers use eye droppers

Here’s the bottom line

So next time you’re at Dunkin Donuts or Starbucks picking up an extra large of your favorite coffee, that’s approximately the amount of herbicide we spread on a football field sized area of a field.

And while we’re on the subject, I came across this website, thegreengok. It is a site written by Bill Chameides and a part of the Duke University Nicholas School of the Environment. 

He cites some interesting statistics regarding pesticide use in a post called Statistically Speaking: Lawns by the Numbers

If what he writes is correct, the Organickers and Antis should be going after their lawn owning neighbors and not farmers. What was one of his statistics?

Ratio of pesticide use per acre by the average homeowner versus the average farmer: 10 to 1


Here are some others

  • Percent that include possible carcinogens: 53%
  • Percent that pose a threat to the environment, including water supplies, aquatic organisms, and non-targeted insects: 100%

Another bit of pesticide nonsense is the Environmental Working Group’s “Dirty Dozen.”  Here’s a great analysis by Steve Savage. How Wrong Is The Latest Dirty Dozen List?

I really wish my tribe would look at facts and evidence rather than nonsense. An even bigger wish, I wish my tribe would believe in science, not just the science which fits their worldview