The Anti-GMO movement is big fan of autocratic countries

UPDATE: This is an update of a post I did on 6/13/2014. I felt it needed to be said again, since I just found another authoritarian country the antis love, Gambia.

Since the Anti-GMO movement doesn’t have the facts or real science their side, they hitch their wagon to anybody or anything that promotes their cause no matter how illegitimate. When they’re not doing that they’re making shit up.

Their latest nonsense is favoriting countries with less than stellar democratic leanings who are banning GMOs. Here’s GMOFREEUSA’s latest hero country


Seriously? They are celebrating a military coup because they champion organic farming? Time Magazine had this to say about the coup

Since seizing power, Thailand’s military has crushed all forms of dissent, imposed a nightly curfew and imposed severe curbs on civil liberties, and taken over all government departments.

Hey! They like Russia and Putin, too.

And of course, what list be be complete without China?

Again, seriously? Have they not been paying attention to rash of real poisonous food scandals? From Atlantic Magazine, It Will Be Hard to Beat China’s Latest Food Contamination Scandal

The Telegraph has this handy little list Top 10 Chinese Food Scandals

But, NO GMOs!

Could there be a more imbecilic movement than the Anti-GMO movement? Well, the anti-vaccine movement, but then again, many Antis belong to that movement as well.


UPDATE: Friend of the blog mem_somerville alerted me to the fact that Syria also banned GMOs. I found this



Gambia is the latest fave rave of the antis. The President of Gambia has reportedly said he will “slit the throats” of homosexuals and “no white person can do anything about it”. This March, the EU cut aid to Gambia due to human rights violations. A report by the UN Special Rapporteur on Torture has found evidence of significant human rights violations in Gambia.  See article here






6 thoughts on “The Anti-GMO movement is big fan of autocratic countries”

  1. You’re seriously not saying that the US is being democratic in terms of labeling GMO’s are you. Silly, silly post.

    1. Andy, the laws on the books (passed by the Congress that was elected by the people) say, through the FDA, that there is no scientific basis for labeling. And if you’re thinking of an outright ban, check out the dormant commerce clause of the constitution. The only silly thing here is the expectation that your ‘yuck’ factor should be used to make policy and circumvent a scientific decision.

  2. This really comes as no surprise. The Anti GMO side does not deal with well with decent from the party line. And like so many of these regimes they believe that conspiracy theories are all around. The Anti GMO side is not the left they don’t hate LGBT and poor people.

  3. I love the bit about 62 other countries having “some type of” regulations on GMO and US having zero. There are all kinds of regulations on GMO (and food in general) in the US. What is odd though, is that it’s about the same group of people who want the FDA to stop regulating food … esp. when it comes to things like raw milk. It’s amazing how the people have been so anti-FDA suddenly want the FDA have big enforcement powers.

    And if you want to make their heads explode think about this: China also has forced vaccines for chickens! This was to stop the spread of H5N1, and in fact it worked. Except that they got all these autistic chickens (joke).

    Actually the chicken vaccine is controversial for other reasons.

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