Anti-GMO/Organic activists… GIMME! GIMME! GIMME! ME! ME! ME!


Lately it has occurred to me that along with buying into nonsense and bad science, the Anti-GMO and organic crowd sounds like a bunch of entitled, spoiled children. Look at the GMOInside meme above. The crowd is always making demands about their food.

Who makes demands about their food and drink? Well, fed, affluent, self-entitled westerners, that’s who. More to the point, assholes.

When I was a kid, if anybody went into a store or to a farm and and demanded they sell/grow only things the way we liked, we would have been laughed out of the place. The farmers may have socked you one.

Yet, these organic antis feel they right to demand things. They have this self-entitled idea that they have the right to dictate because it’s what they believe. That’s right, believe.

My dad had a grocery store and people would come in and ask if he could stock this or that. They didn’t demand he stock it, especially at the expense of other products. If some customer came in and demanded that he stock XYZ produce instead of ABC produce, he would have told them to go somewhere else.

What kind of mental disorder does one have to have to fear their entire food supply? This has been written elsewhere, but these people should feel lucky the have ability to bitch about their food. In too many places in the world, people are starving. I think anything that works, whether it be organic, conventional, or GMO should be part of the solution.

Even better yet, how about using the best parts of all those methods? How about using what works?

Mike Adams’ crazy train goes off the tracks


In case you haven’t heard, there was a massive train wreck over at Natural News. Mike Adams has gone full Godwin and called for the murder of those who he deems “Monsanto collaborators,” comparing them to Nazi collaborators.

Writing on his website he says

“…it is the moral right — and even the obligation — of human beings everywhere to actively plan and carry out the killing of those engaged in heinous crimes against humanity.”

For more details on this insanity, bordering on legally actionable threats, read these posts to get a good idea of the dangerous insanity of Mike Adams. It would be easy to ignore his rant, but the problem is, he has millions of followers. Who knows how many might take his plea to heart and commit some act of violence.

Mike Adams, Monsanto, Nazis, and a Very Disturbing Article by Keith Kloor

Most ‘dangerous’ anti-science GMO critic? Meet Mike Adams–Conspiracy junkie runs alternative ‘health’ empire by Jon Entine

A Current Example of Frightening Extremism in the Name of Our Beliefs by David Ropeik

Who are these collaborators? Scientists, journalists, news sites, bloggers, basically anyone who doesn’t see GMOS as the end of mankind and a sinister plot by big business to kill us.

Here’s where it gets weirder and even more dangerous. A day after Adams’ call to arms, this website popped up



On this freaky page is a list of people and organizations which the site sees as collaborators in the “Agricultural Holocaust.”

There is no way to find out who owns this site. Could it be Adams? We don’t know. Doing a Whois shows that the site’s owners are private. Not only are they private the domain registrar is based in Panama and is called Fundacion Private Whois.

The best I could find in an internet search is that this company is shady at best. They seem to be the go-to registrar for spammers and scammers and phishers and have had more than a few legal actions directed against it, usually involving trademark infringement of domain names. On their Terms and Conditions page it says, “Fundacion Private Whois will not respond to any legal action against the domain and you will have to promptly and directly handle domain disputes if you wish to or give us instructions to do so.”

What’s more and this is an important point, is that the site is located in Iceland on servers owned by a company called Orangewebsite. In its Terms of Service section is this

Sites hosted on’s service(s) are regulated only by Icelandic Law. is not in a position to investigate and validate or invalidate the veracity of individual defamation claims, which is why we rely on the legal system and courts to determine whether or not material is indeed considered defamatory. In any case in which an Icelandic court order indicates material is defamatory, libelous, or slanderous in nature; we will comply and remove or disable access to the material in question.

Very clever. The creators behind the website managed to find a host that will not take down a site until it goes through the Icelandic legal system. While in most cases this is admirable, it allows questionable websites like this to remain online. It makes it hard for those named to demand the company take down the site since any legal action has to be brought in Iceland and they won’t do so until ordered by an Icelandic court.

It speaks volumes that a site like this cloaks itself  in anonymity to avoid responsibility for their words and to avoid legal accountability.

Now the question is, will anti-GMO groups distance themselves from Adams and the collaborator website? Or will they remain silent? Silence is nothing more than tacit agreement.  We can only hope that Adams’ rant will bring him down and expose him for the dangerous crank that he is. Ah, but who am I kidding? Look at the comments on the above linked sites and you will see that there are those who are coming to his defense; a man who is advocating violence against those who disagree with him.

 UPDATE 7/25:  Responding to claims he is behind the Monsanto Collaborator page, Adams wrote that “After analyzing the Monsanto Collaborators website for the last day or so, I’ve come to the conclusion there is a very high likelihood this site has been launched by the biotech industry to serve as a trap for GMO skeptics.” He sees this effort as a false flag operation. 

Adams is no stranger to false flag claims. He wrote that the Aurora, Colorado shootings were a false flag mind control experiment by the U.S. Government.

If Adams is not behind the page, the fact remains his inflammatory rhetoric caused it to happen.

UPDATE #2 7/25 11:17am: The Genetic Literacy Project says it can confirm that Adams is the “mastermind and financier behind the Monsanto Collaborator’s website.”  They also write that he is now under investigation by law enforcement, including the FBI.