Anti-GMO/Organic activists… GIMME! GIMME! GIMME! ME! ME! ME!


Lately it has occurred to me that along with buying into nonsense and bad science, the Anti-GMO and organic crowd sounds like a bunch of entitled, spoiled children. Look at the GMOInside meme above. The crowd is always making demands about their food.

Who makes demands about their food and drink? Well, fed, affluent, self-entitled westerners, that’s who. More to the point, assholes.

When I was a kid, if anybody went into a store or to a farm and and demanded they sell/grow only things the way we liked, we would have been laughed out of the place. The farmers may have socked you one.

Yet, these organic antis feel they right to demand things. They have this self-entitled idea that they have the right to dictate because it’s what they believe. That’s right, believe.

My dad had a grocery store and people would come in and ask if he could stock this or that. They didn’t demand he stock it, especially at the expense of other products. If some customer came in and demanded that he stock XYZ produce instead of ABC produce, he would have told them to go somewhere else.

What kind of mental disorder does one have to have to fear their entire food supply? This has been written elsewhere, but these people should feel lucky the have ability to bitch about their food. In too many places in the world, people are starving. I think anything that works, whether it be organic, conventional, or GMO should be part of the solution.

Even better yet, how about using the best parts of all those methods? How about using what works?

8 thoughts on “Anti-GMO/Organic activists… GIMME! GIMME! GIMME! ME! ME! ME!”

  1. What’s even more galling is that they admit flat-out in the propaganda piece that they already have the choice of organic soy milk.

    Really. I’m so tired of these companies giving in to petulant children too. If they want to offer them the choice of organic cow milk for more money, fine–but don’t make me pay more for the stupidity and misinformation of these arrogant entitled harpies.

  2. “Who makes demands about their food and drink? Well, fed, affluent, self-entitled westerners, that’s who. More to the point, assholes.”

    Made me chuckle.

    1. Jim, they are working on that. They managed to get raw milk sales legalized in SC a few years ago.

  3. I think this is just the language of the times. Practically every email solicitation that I get from MoveOn or the various other progressive orgs who have my name goes something like “Sign this petition demanding that Obama do X” or “Demand that Congress do Y”. It even leaks into newspaper headlines — Obama gives a speech on some foreign policy issue and the headline reads “Obama demands…” Those two words get 29 million hits on google.

    I agree that it sounds childish, but it evidently works as a fundraising gimmick, which is really all it is.

  4. Don’t ya know Bernie that they are all victims? Woe is me, poor me, I’m being victimized!!! It’s not my fault for being harmed! I don’t have enough smarts to figure out what is what because I’m a victim. Feel sorry for me!!! Bleh. Sickening what some Americans have turned into.

  5. When I was a kid in the late 60s I once saw a bumper sticker that said, “don’t complain about farmers with your mouth full.” Even as a suburbanite that struck me

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