The return of the Contrarian

So much has happened in the last seven months in the GMO world. My last post was in July 2014 when I wound up in the hospital. Thanks, Monsanto. Details aren’t necessary, but I had my tablet with me and was keeping up with the news, GMO and otherwise.

I asked my friend Maria to bring my laptop so I could write this blog and she asked, “Why?” Her thoughts were that I should relax and get better. Maybe it was the drugs, but what came to my mind was, “Why indeed?” It seemed to me that I was fighting a battle against an unarmed opponent who refused to arm themselves with knowledge. It shouldn’t have been a battle at all. Facts are facts. I felt like I was banging my head against a brick wall.

Since then, things started to ramp up. FOIA requests for emails from pro-GMO scientists like Kevin Folta revived my anger against dangerous nonsense. Then there came the attacks on other smart like Kavin Senapathy who is someone who has a much better grasp on science than I do, and that got me really got me pig-biting mad.

The anti movement, devoid of science and seeing that they were losing ground, have taken to smears, threats and actual vandalism.

Another thing I noticed is that the majority of the public don’t really care about GMO and only know what they hear from the antis.

The antis are liars and frauds. GMOInside, GMOWatch and the Organic Consumers Association, gmofreeusa et al, are liars and hustlers.

There’s much more to be discussed and I will do that soon. I just wanted to write this and get back in the game.