Anti-GMO dumbasses invade NPR

There seems to be a belief that National Public Radio’s audience is educated, well informed and smart. If the comments in response to an article, The Danger Of GMOs: Is It All In Your Mind? is any indication, that belief seems to be in misguided. Or, maybe its just that the dumbass antis have invaded.  My hope is that it’s the latter.

Here are a few comments that is pretty much an example of how the conversation is going, and it’s a long conversation

Altering the genetic makeup of biological organisms and introducing them to the environment introduces change. That is a fact. You change the chemical make-up of a potato, you change the process of digestion. It is not something that requires a lot of excuses. DNA is not DNA. That is why people do not look like trees and trees do not look like dogs. We don’t need GMO’s.


My problem with GMO food is more how it is farmed the the produce itself. The massive monoculture blocks of Rougndup [sic] ready fields are practically dead zones, inhabited only by those GMO crops that survive the torrents of herbicides and pesticides that are rained down upon them by the debt enthralled slaves called farmers who have little or no choice in what and how they can produce. Garbage in garbage out.

We can only hope it’s just an invasion of the imbeciles. There are rational folks there playing whack-a-mole, but it’s a losing battle.