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GMOFreeUSA and their pals love their autocrats

GMOFreeUSA and their pals love their autocrats

UPDATE: This is an update of a post I did on 6/13/2014. I felt it needed to be posted again, since I just found another authoritarian country the antis love, Gambia.

Since the Anti-GMO movement doesn’t have the facts or real science their side, they hitch their wagon to anybody or anything that promotes their cause no matter how illegitimate. When they’re not doing that they’re making shit up.

Their latest nonsense is favoriting countries with less than stellar democratic leanings who are banning GMOs. Here’s GMOFREEUSA’s latest hero country


Seriously? They are celebrating a military coup because they champion organic farming? Time Magazine had this to say about the coup

Since seizing power, Thailand’s military has crushed all forms of dissent, imposed a nightly curfew and imposed severe curbs on civil liberties, and taken over all government departments.

Hey! They like Russia and Putin, too.

And of course, what list be be complete without China?

Again, seriously? Have they not been paying attention to rash of real poisonous food scandals? From Atlantic Magazine, It Will Be Hard to Beat China’s Latest Food Contamination Scandal

The Telegraph has this handy little list Top 10 Chinese Food Scandals

But, NO GMOs!

Could there be a more imbecilic movement than the Anti-GMO movement? Well, the anti-vaccine movement, but then again, many Antis belong to that movement as well.

UPDATE: Friend of the blog mem_somerville alerted me to the fact that Syria also banned GMOs. I found this




Gambia is the latest fave rave of the antis. The President of Gambia has reportedly said he will “slit the throats” of homosexuals and “no white person can do anything about it”. This March, the EU cut aid to Gambia due to human rights violations. A report by the UN Special Rapporteur on Torture has found evidence of significant human rights violations in Gambia.  See article here




Why do we have to pay more to eat local?

Why do we have to pay more to eat local?

 I grew up above the grocery store my dad owned in a small town in northeast Pennsylvania. Most of our stuff was local. We’re talking 1960s.

Steigerwalt brought his eggs.  The Lehigh Valley Dairy* and Zimmerman’s gave us milk and orangeade and iced tea. They were local. The meat came from the various meat-packing houses like A&B and Swift’s, while being national and regional companies, used locally bought livestock. Whitaker supplied the fresh corn. I used to go with my dad to get it.

(As an aside, when I went to visit my mom in the hospital before she died, there was this old couple there. My mom said, “Do you know this guy?” Nope. He said that he remembered me. I was the kid who unloaded the crates of eggs that he delivered.)

And, as another aside I baled hay, had my arms up to my elbows inside a cow turning a calf around, shoveled shit out horse stalls, had to hold onto a horse condom when the stud pulled out, and all kinds of other stuff that made me realize I should pursue other avenues.

Oh man, I’ll never forget that cow moment. My cousin called over the old farmer across the way to help with the breached birth. I remember it like it was yesterday, and this was like 1969. The old man said, “The kid has to put his hands up there to turn the calf around.” I looked at him and said, “I don’t think so.” He looked at me, dead serious, and said, “If you don’t, it dies and that’s money.” (It was because I had thin arms. It was easier than them doing it.)

So much for the romantic old days.

Back when most everything was local, at least in the summer, it was affordable to the average person. It was common, not “artisanal.” The people where I grew up were mostly working class, factory people.

Sure, people had gardens, but those were mostly tended to by the wives of the men who were off at work in the factories. That stuff was used mostly for canning for the winter. It was utilitarian and not some weird fetish.

So, the question I have is, why should locally sourced food now come at such premium prices?

Maybe, because I’m the Hey you kids get out of my yard! guy gives me a skewed perspective. I remember when the food these nitwits want never existed, at least in my lifetime. The local farmers used pesticides, much worse than today, and they used whatever new stuff came along to make their lives easier, and they still couldn’t feed the whole area. Food had to brought in from out of the area to make up the difference.

Those fuckers worked hard and they had no notions of organic or harmony with nature.  They busted their asses to fight nature so they could make a living.

And no one would ever think of telling farmers how to grow their food.

* The Lehigh Valley Dairy was the so-called “milk money” that was involved in the Nixon scandal

Is Chipotle anti-GMO’s worst nightmare?

Is Chipotle anti-GMO’s worst nightmare?

Earlier this month I wrote this: mainstream media has been casting a much more skeptical eye and various lefty/green writers have either changed their minds or at least taking less strident anti stances and are willing to be a little more open-minded. 

Then came Chipotle’s major announcement of their decision to jettison GMO “ingredients.” All of a sudden, the cracks in the dam widened. The media jumped all over Chipotle. Here a few examples:

The GMO worm seems to be turning, slowly, but still changing direction. When sites like Gizmodo weigh in, something’s happening.

What’s good about it is that it may have an effect on the average Joe and Josefina, who only hear the loudest and the nuttiest .



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