Is Chipotle anti-GMO’s worst nightmare?

Earlier this month I wrote this: mainstream media has been casting a much more skeptical eye and various lefty/green writers have either changed their minds or at least taking less strident anti stances and are willing to be a little more open-minded. 

Then came Chipotle’s major announcement of their decision to jettison GMO “ingredients.” All of a sudden, the cracks in the dam widened. The media jumped all over Chipotle. Here a few examples:

The GMO worm seems to be turning, slowly, but still changing direction. When sites like Gizmodo weigh in, something’s happening.

What’s good about it is that it may have an effect on the average Joe and Josefina, who only hear the loudest and the nuttiest .



1 thought on “Is Chipotle anti-GMO’s worst nightmare?”

  1. I’ve been blown away by the coverage. A pleasant surprise.

    I think the chickens of the labeling campaign are coming home to roost. They ended up educating a lot of people on the issues, just not in the way they expected.

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