Are GMO activists junkies?

We’ve all seen these types of images illustrating anti-GMO articles


One major thing pops out of these images. The process of GMO is not done with syringes. It’s a stupid illustration.  If I were to write an article about organic food, this would actually be more accurate than those images


Now here’s a thought that was humorously brought up in a Facebook thread. Where do they get all these syringes? That got me to thinking, how could someone get access to so many syringes?

Well, in many cities across the country they have programs that distribute free syringes to junkies to prevent the spread of diseases like hepatitis and AIDS. So, what does that tell us?

I think it tells us that anti-GMO activists must be junkies in order to amass so many needles. They get quite a few needles from city needle give-away programs. They add up, right? Especially if you have a heavy habit.


There you have it. The anti-GMO movement is populated by heroin addicts.

What’s that you say, that is stupid and not true? It’s no more stupid than claiming GMOs cause cancer, autism and every other disease known to mankind.

And of course it’s not true, I just made it up. I look at it this way. If the antis can make stuff up, like the idea that every person who uses the facts and science to defend GMO is paid shill, why can’t I claim they are all junkies?

As a side note: I was in my local deli the other day and the guy in front of me was wearing a March Against Monsanto shirt. He ordered a coffee with milk and 8 sugars. Wow, this lying thing is kinda fun.