Desperation in the anti-GMO cult


It was just a matter of time before the antis found a “smoking gun” to bring down their worst nightmare, the affable and effective science communicator Dr. Kevin Folta.

Gary Ruskin, hired* hit man for the anti-gmo and anti-vax Organic Consumers Association filed all kinds of FOIAs to uncover the nefarious links between university scientists and industry. He found it in the fact that Folta got money to do outreach.

Now here’s the thing. Folta has always been a proponent of the tech of GM. The money he got from Monsanto he used for outreach and none of it went into his pocket.

Yeah, Monsanto has a vested interest in promoting GMO since that’s their business, but if the science is sound, who cares?

I’m not a close friend of Folta’s, but I have known him digitally for a few years and actually had dinner with him when he was in town. He loves science and what he does. The guy is as honest as the day is long, which is why I find it offensive that he is under attack by assholes like Ruskin.

I have to admit I was a little taken aback that he got that money, but once he explained it publicly,  I accepted his explanation and I take his word for it. I wish he hadn’t, but you gotta do what you gotta do and I can’t see that guy being bought.

*Gary Ruskin. Your group took $114K from the Organic Consumers Association and you got paid out of that. Folta took no money for his personal use from his grants from Monsanto, so you are a big time hypocrite and nothing more than a hired gun.


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