The Contrarian jerks his knee and regrets it

At first I was excited when I saw this. Cool, huh? Smart, sciency chicks.


I immediately RSVP’d because some people I know, at least digitally, are on that list. Then I looked at where it was, the Distilled Spirits Council of the United States. Even cooler. Free booze?

But something was nagging at me. I looked up the address so I could decide the best way to get there from Union Station in D.C. That’s when I noticed that “Eye Street” was in the belly of the corporate lobbying beast, K Street.

Now I’m starting to feel uneasy.  So, who is this Independent Woman’s Forum (IWF) sponsoring this science soiree?

Before I continue, have look at this Nation ad.



Yup. The IWF is a right-wing/libertarian lobbying group in D.C. They lobby for all the stuff I am against. Now my D.C trip is off.

What is the IWF all about? Let’s see…

  • The IWF has received funding from several groups tied to the Koch brothers have donated $844,115 to them between 1998 and 2012.
  • In 2007 Rush Limbaugh donated about $273,000 in 2007 and the group defended him against criticism for calling Sandra Fluke a slut.
  • In 2013 they opposed the Violence Against Women Act
  • They support republican Carly Fiorina for President.
  • Executive Director Sabrina Schaeffer opposes raising the minimum wage
  • The oppose The Affordable Healthcare Act
  • Climate change deniers The global warming movement may be less a scientific endeavor and more a political game plan for the redistribution of wealth, higher taxation and government regulation, severe limits on oil and gas production, and restrictions on personal freedoms.”

Climate change deniers are hosting a meet and greet for science? No, thank you.

The IWF claims to be pro-women, but that is nonsense. The group grew out of the Women for Clarence Thomas. According to Slate

The Independent Women’s Forum was founded in 1992 out of a coalition of conservative women organized to support Clarence Thomas in the face of allegations that he sexually harassed Anita Hill. True to those roots, one of their primary functions since then has been to undermine efforts to end sexual abuse and violence against women.

I can’t pretend to know the political leanings of all the people I engage with regarding the issue of GMOS and other science based issues, but I find it disturbing that the liberal/left ones would hitch their wagons to this group.

Great, you agree on GMOs, but on nothing else?  Their agenda is anathema to progressives. Why be used as a tool to advance their agenda? It may be guilt by association, but it’s reality, nonetheless. If you get mixed up with people like this it will come back and bite you in the ass. I understand the old adage, sometimes you have to dance with the devil, but sometimes you don’t.

What is a major claim of the anti-GMO crowd? Corporate collusion. Some of the names on the flyer have already come under attack by the anti-GMO crowd. How can this help by attending a meet and greet by a pro-corporate, right-wing organization? I see them getting more shit after this.

I find this meet and greet a self-serving event benefitting the IWF’s agenda. They are using smart, well-meaning scientists and science writers to give them science cred.  It’s a hustle. With all due respect to  those involved, you’re being used willingly or unknowingly.

There are people I write about here whose agendas and politics I know and disagree with, but we agree on the GMO issue. And when I  do I quote them, I make it clear I disagree with them on a host of other issues.  We just happen to agree on one issue.

Yeah, I would hang out and have drinks with them. I would probably have drinks with members of the IWF, because they’re probably nice people and it would be an occasion where I could mix it up with the opposition, but on a personal level. I wouldn’t let their organizations sponsor a Contrarian meet and greet to pimp their agenda just because we agree on one issue. (Not that they ever would.)

So, I let myself down. I jumped into something I didn’t research because it initially because it fit my bill. My mistake. I know some might not like this post, but hey, that’s the way it goes. I make no apologies. You’re being used. And I call on all progressives to bow out of this event.





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    1. I will be there. The gauntlet was thrown and I do not shrink from a challenge. You can’t let your mouth write a check your ass can’t cash. I’d like to meet you as well. Oh, I will need splint when Julie Kelly breaks my arm after we arm wrestle.

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