Lying, hypocritical assholes

So, I tweeted to GMWatch and GMOFreeUsa and asked them to stop being hypocritical assholes and release all their financial data. I also challenged them to go face to face in a public forum with those scientists they are libeling.

My tweets were deleted. There you go folks. They are nothing but full of shit internet thugs.

They don’t have the balls to go one on one with scientists or people like me, because they don’t have the science behind them.

GMWatch and others called Kevin Folta a liar. If you are going to make that kind accusation you should tell him to his face.

I issue the challenge again.  GMWatch, aka Claire Robinson, and the secret GMOFreeUsa. Release your financials and go toe to with the public scientists you libeled in a live public forum.

And you, Gary Ruskin. Do you have the balls to go face to face in a public forum with those you are trying to smear?

I don’t think any of you will.