A quick apology



Boy, did I get into hot water recently with this post, The Contrarian jerks his knee and regrets it. In a protracted Twitter imbroglio I got hammered by the people involved. The post was interpreted as a slam at women and that was not my intention.

Then the swell @julie_kelly2 took offense at my jocular use of the word “chicks.” So what did I do?  I drunkenly appended the post and channeled Donald Trump and wrote a very juvenile retort about crazy cat ladies. I have since removed it and am supremely embarrassed and I apologize profusely.

I was challenged to attend the event and took them up on their offer and was received warmly and had a genuinely good time.  I came away with a better understanding of what’s what. That doesn’t mean I’m 100% on board, but it did flesh out my knee jerk knee jerk

These days, I rarely get myself into a position where I have to wince, feel embarrassed and have to apologize. This was one of those times and it sucks big time. I thought I had banished those bastard emotions shame and embarrassment. I guess not.

In the next few days I will post about my experience in D.C. and expand and revise my remarks. In the meantime I want to say thanks for the invite.

Until then, to those who I offended, and you know who you are, accept my heartfelt apologies.