My new podcast: Mr. Haney’s Truck


So, I decided to create a podcast which is totally different than this blog. It will be wide ranging conversations from the curious to the kooky to the actually sane. I am working on getting it up on iTunes and getting the blog to resolve correctly, so because I want it up and out, I have posted the first episode on YouTube and here.

I’m new to the whole audio thing and haven’t sat behind a microphone in decades. There are some audio issues involving volume in this first episode and I am always open to helpful hints and criticism.

The first episode is the first part of a two-part conversation with New York City novelist Arthur Nersesian whose 11 books use NYC as a backdrop. We are old friends and he agreed to be the guinea pig for this first episode. The second part will be uploaded next Sunday Nov. 22nd.

I have a feeling it might freak some people out who like this blog since some episodes, which I have planned are going to talk about stuff that is, is well, can we say, “high strangeness?”

When it all gets sorted out the podcast site will be