I’m pretty much done with the GMO fight

There’s a reason this blog has been quiet for a while. I just can’t do it anymore. The idiocy out there is unstoppable. There is a very sad strain of anti-science based on world views on the progressive side that is so ingrained that it is impossible to change.

It’s sad. A technology exists that can benefit the world and all these imbeciles can see is Monsanto.

It’s a campaign run by lefty, anti-science miscreants. “Oh, but I believe in climate change. That doesn’t make me anti-science.”

Yes it does, you fuckwit.

Science is not a democracy. You can’t pick and choose what science you want to believe. Science is based on facts, evidence and repeatability. That has been done with GMO technology.

Progressives are very regressive on this issue. They see it as corporate thing which is how the anti-science miscreants have hustled well-meaning progressives.

There is nothing honest about the anti-GMO groups. They are liars.

The FDA just approved the AquaBounty GMO salmon and already the Center for Food Safety has filed lawsuit that claims it hasn’t been tested. It’s been in the pipeline for 20 fuckin’ years. Hasn’t been tested in 20 years?

Jesus H. Christ in a chicken basket. Andrew Kimbrell is a menace. He is leading the charge. Fuck him and all those anti-GMO fuckwits.

Science is progress. It is what has cured common diseases by creating vaccines and therapies. It has helped us. Because some company uses the technology that makes it bad? That’s bullshit.

I have friends who wonder why this issue is so important to me. It’s important because these anti imbeciles can hinder a useful science, not just for food but for medicine. If they can successfully demonize it in food, it can hinder research into the areas.

And finally, I think I’m burying the lede here, they have tried to discredit honest public scientists by using FOIA. Fuck Gary Ruskin. He’s an ideological weasel. He has more in common with the right-wing than he does the honest left.

I’m fighting for a solid science and I am up against a heavily funded anti-science contingent and those groups are coming from the left, not the right.

I can’t fight against it anymore. I just can’t.



5 thoughts on “I’m pretty much done with the GMO fight”

  1. I can’t blame you for your frustration. Yes, the idiocy is incredible. And no, you can’t fight it. You can only be one little voice in the pack. But … they are all little voices too, just adding up.
    Most of the groups I’m in … I lost my “friends” once I said anything even mildly “not anti” GMO. It made me realize how truly naive people are on science.

    What encourages me is history. I read Neal Stephenson, and the Lewis and Clark journals, and anything historically accurate about previous years. The most encouraging, oddly, is “Marvel’s Agent Carter”. Now THAT one is from a time I actually remember, or at least movies and comics from that era. So I watch Agent Carter with my kids, and my daughter is like: “Oh wow, did the cops REALLY treat suspects like that????”. I’m not saying life is perfect now, but when I saw cops beating up suspects, that was like … normal. It was normal that women weren’t scientists, that the most I could hope for was to get married to a nice guy.

    Just sayin’ … it DOES get better. The pendulum swings. Human beings aren’t all that rational, but as a species we’ve been moving slowly over the last 1500 years in a more rational direction.

  2. Correction needed: You have a typo in the first sentence:

    “There’s a reason this blog has been quite for a while.”

    Should be:

    “There’s a reason this blog has been quiet for a while.”

  3. I’m sorry to hear that you’re burnt out. Changing people’s opinions on stuff like this takes a LONG time. It happens slowly for each person, one person at a time. We need as many progressive voices as possible out there, the more people see this message the more likely they are to change their minds.

    After years of going the wrong way, it seems that we’re finally winning overall on the anti-vax front, and on global warming. It will years, but I’m hopeful that opinions will shift on GMOs as well. A more sustainable food supply is critical for our future.

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