Is the Sanders campaign encouraging voter fraud?

confusedIt just keeps getting worse and worse. The latest nonsense to emanate from the Sanders campaign is that of New York’s closed primary. They are whining about vote suppression due to the fact unaffiliated voters can’t vote in the Democratic primary.

The primary system is the function of political parties. These knuckleheads feel they have the right to vote for a party’s nominee even though they aren’t a member of that party. It’s like if the Mets asked to have a say in who is the starting rotation of the Yankees.

The reason for closed primaries is to insure that only party members get to choose who is their nominee. It is also to prevent party raiding or party crashing where one party crosses over to vote for the weaker candidate in the opposition party.

A fairly recent example of that was in 2010 in South Carolina. The GOP planted a mentally ill, homeless vet on the Democratic ballot and then crossed over to elect him thereby ensuring that their candidate, Jim DeMint won the general election.

And here is another thing that just came to mind, as far as NYC is concerned. New York is pretty much a Democratic town. If you want to take part in local elections you have to be a member of a party. The fact these people aren’t party members means that they can’t vote in local primaries for local representatives, which means they haven’t taken their civic responsibility seriously. If they don’t care enough to have an interest in local issues, why should anyone care how they feel about national ones? Why should we take seriously their howls of outrage of their vote being taken away from them when they haven’t been involved in the process?

NYC has some convoluted election rules and laws. When I first hit the ground here in 1982, I figured them out. When on the Facebook I suggested it was the Sanders’ voters responsibility to learn the rules I was told I was condescending. In fact, I was told that responsibility was a “bullshit excuse.”

Oh… but wait, there’s even more nonsense. The most recent idiocy came while I was writing this. The Bots are encouraging supporters to vote anyway. They want them to go and ask for a provisional ballot.

There is a lawsuit pending that is calling for NY to have an open primary. These nimrods feel that if that lawsuit prevails, there will be some sort of retroactive vote counting. That’s not the way it works. If those provisionals don’t pan out days after the election, they go to the trash bin.

The FB page says this advice came from the campaign. If that is the case, they could very well be encouraging voter fraud. I don’t know the rules, but I would imagine if you try to vote with the knowledge you are not eligible, that’s fraud.

What started out as a positive movement for change has devolved into an ideological cult.