Decoding Anti-GMO Speak

The anti-GMO movement love their scary and stupid words and stock responses. In their quest to rid the planet of what they see as the scourge of GMOs, they engage in misleading and often downright lies to try and get their message across.

The Antis are very much like Trump in their dissemination of lies, misdirection and quite plain making shit up. In order to combat the nonsense they spew, we have created this handy little guide in the vein of  “What they say and what they really mean” context. Feel free to contact me to add anything you may think is relevant. I’d like to thank the Facebook group GMOLOL for helping get this off the ground.

Now here is a list of anti-GMO speak:


  • Drenched = highly diluted and applied.
  • Laced with = present in parts pet billion concentration. i.e. “You enjoy your food laced with glyphosate.”
  • Toxic = I can’t pronounce it
  • Shill = One who disagrees with a person in a way that person cannot directly refute.
  • Sustainable = vague term for anything that sounds warm and fuzzy.
  • Propaganda = a piece of information presented by one side of an argument that the other side of the argument cannot refute.
  • Monsanto = strawman/voodoo doll of the agricultural industry built on an Old MacDonald understanding of the industry.
  • MONSANTO!!!!! = I don’t have a coherent argument.
  • Monocropping=farming I don t understand
  • Prove it does no harm = “I don’t understand how research and logic work”
  • Opinion = irrelevant when discussing science based topics.
  • Family farm; 1/4 acre garden we grow a few potatoes and tomatoes in each year
  • Patent; some mythical legal entity that allows infinite ownership of something someone spent years developing.
  • Genetic Engineering = Scary science voodoo that for some reason does not include mutagenesis, or lab controlled artificial selection, or any of the non-transgenic (recombinant DNA) methods of engineering a genome, except when we are confused about what CRISPR is.
  • Factory Farms = anything larger than 20 cows or 40 acres
  • Corporate Ag = tax filing status that terrifies me
  • Local farms = anything more than 6 miles away from my current location is evil.
  • Genetic Diversity = buzzword I don’t understand, since new GE varieties increase genetic diversity, not decrease it.
  • Chemical: Something very dangerous and synthetic.