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My review of the GMO doc Food Evolution

My review of the GMO doc Food Evolution

I saw this doc about a year ago, so I’m going from memory. Forgive me if I get some things wrong.

Adamchak & Nye is the name of a San Francisco detective agency. That’s Raoul Adamchak and Bill Nye. The two are partners, but Raoul doesn’t like Bill much. A mysterious woman, who goes by the name of Miss Malkan walks into their office. By nightfall everything gets weird. Bill is dead. And so is some Brit named Mark Lynas.

It seems Miss Malkan is surrounded by dangerous men. There’s Gary Ruskin, who uses gardenia-scented calling cards and Ronnie Cummins, who has an enormous girth and feigned civility. Her only hope of protection comes from Raoul who is suspected by the police of one or both murders. More murders happen and it will all be because of these dangerous men — and their lust for a statuette of a bird: the Maltese Falcon.

I don’t know. I think I might be confusing this with another film.


Biotech industry files for bankruptcy

Biotech industry files for bankruptcy

Note: This is re-write and update from a 2013 post.


Days after a group of 107 Nobel Laureates published a letter telling Greenpeace to knock it off with their anti-GMO nonsense, the biotechnology industry filed for bankruptcy, citing their misguided buying everybody off, scheme .

At a hastily called press conference, industry representative and Monsanto CEO Hugh Grant, told assembled reporters

I mean, do you know how many people are in the Nation Academy of Sciences alone? Something like 2,000. So, a few million to a scientific body here and a few million to every independent scientist in the world there, and it begins to add up.” That’s not even including  having to pay those thousands of keyboard jockeys who defend us on internet comment boards. The straw that broke the financial camel’s back were the Nobel laureates. Those bastards didn’t come cheap.”

Anti-gmo activists were left slack-jawed. “We just lost our boogeyman,” one activist lamented. “It’s not fair.”

Asked what was next for the bankrupt industry, Executive VP and CTO, Rob Fraley said it was too early to tell, but excitedly suggested they were thinking of getting into the organic farming business.  “Man, do you know what a cash cow that racket is? I was in Whole Foods the other day and they get like 4 bucks for a freakin’ tomato. Sweet. We’ve gotta get in on that action.”

Hours after the announcement, Organic Consumer’s Association honcho Ronnie Cummins and GM Watch honchette, Claire Robinson had to be talked down off a Maharishi University rooftop after Jeffrey Smith pleaded with them saying, “Cmon guys. We can still make stuff up about beneficial technology.”

In a related story, Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor said she planned to retire from the Court and buy the Bronx.

I’m pretty much done with the GMO fight

I’m pretty much done with the GMO fight

There’s a reason this blog has been quiet for a while. I just can’t do it anymore. The idiocy out there is unstoppable. There is a very sad strain of anti-science based on world views on the progressive side that is so ingrained that it is impossible to change.

It’s sad. A technology exists that can benefit the world and all these imbeciles can see is Monsanto.

It’s a campaign run by lefty, anti-science miscreants. “Oh, but I believe in climate change. That doesn’t make me anti-science.”

Yes it does, you fuckwit.

Science is not a democracy. You can’t pick and choose what science you want to believe. Science is based on facts, evidence and repeatability. That has been done with GMO technology.

Progressives are very regressive on this issue. They see it as corporate thing which is how the anti-science miscreants have hustled well-meaning progressives.

There is nothing honest about the anti-GMO groups. They are liars.

The FDA just approved the AquaBounty GMO salmon and already the Center for Food Safety has filed lawsuit that claims it hasn’t been tested. It’s been in the pipeline for 20 fuckin’ years. Hasn’t been tested in 20 years?

Jesus H. Christ in a chicken basket. Andrew Kimbrell is a menace. He is leading the charge. Fuck him and all those anti-GMO fuckwits.

Science is progress. It is what has cured common diseases by creating vaccines and therapies. It has helped us. Because some company uses the technology that makes it bad? That’s bullshit.

I have friends who wonder why this issue is so important to me. It’s important because these anti imbeciles can hinder a useful science, not just for food but for medicine. If they can successfully demonize it in food, it can hinder research into the areas.

And finally, I think I’m burying the lede here, they have tried to discredit honest public scientists by using FOIA. Fuck Gary Ruskin. He’s an ideological weasel. He has more in common with the right-wing than he does the honest left.

I’m fighting for a solid science and I am up against a heavily funded anti-science contingent and those groups are coming from the left, not the right.

I can’t fight against it anymore. I just can’t.



Gary Ruskin of USRTK channels Richard Nixon

Gary Ruskin of USRTK channels Richard Nixon

” I mean, I want it implemented on a thievery basis. Goddamn it, get in and get those files. Blow the safe and get it.”–Richard Nixon 

In 1946, when Richard Nixon first ran for Congress he used smear tactics to insinuate his opponent Democrat Jerry Voorhis had Communist ties because he had once been endorsed by the pro-labor CIO-PAC.

In 1950 in his bid for the Senate, he again used the art of the smear against his opponent Helen Douglas trying to tie her to communism.

Nixon was a member of HUAC and later passed along files to McCarthy to aid in his witch hunt to root out Commies. Nixon advised McCarthy not to put exact numbers on the exact amount of commies in the Government saying,  “On the other hand, if you were to say that there were so many people whose records disclosed Communist-front affiliations and associations–this you can prove.”

Fast forward to 1971. That summer, the Nixon White House decided that Daniel Ellsberg, leaker of the Pentagon Papers must be discredited. He exposed the truth about the Vietnam War. To that end, John Erlichman summoned “Bud” Egil Krogh and David Young to find information that could discredit Ellsberg.

In a piece written in the NY Times by Krogh in 2007 he writes

Mr. Hunt urged us to carry out a “covert operation” to get a “mother lode” of information about Mr. Ellsberg’s mental state, to discredit him, by breaking into the office of his psychiatrist, Dr. Lewis Fielding. Mr. Liddy told us the F.B.I. had frequently carried out such covert operations — a euphemism for burglaries — in national security investigations, that he had even done some himself.

Now we come to the present. The Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) has now been in force for decades. Signed off on by a reluctant LBJ, FOIA was enacted so that American citizens could file requests to see what there government was up to.

Through the years, other states started enacting their own FOI laws, like Florida. In Florida, like many other states they don’t call in FOI, they call it sunshine laws

The Florida Sunshine Law, established in 1995, is a series of laws designed to guarantee that the public has access to the public records of government bodies in Florida.

Here is where we come to the heart of the matter.

The anti-GMO group US Right to Know (USRTK) headed by anti-corporate miscreant, Gary Ruskin has channeled Nixon, both early and Watergate era Nixon. While not engaging in criminality they have legally abused a law to discredit  those who they saw as the enemy. Why?

Ruskin and his group are vehemently anti-GMO. He and his cohort Stacy Malkin were the brains behind the California GMO labeling law.

They filed FOIA requests for thirteen public scientists. Their main target was Kevin Folta who for years has been doing outreach on the science of GMOS and how to talk about it.

Folta is their arch nemesis–their Dr. No. He is someone who is a smart science communicator and he talks about science, the kind of science, as it turns out, they don’t like. He is very effective in talking about the facts and science. Because of that he must be brought down and his reputation destroyed.

When Folta first got word that Ruskin had requested his emails he called him and said basically, “What do you want, I’ll send it to you?” Ruskin said NO, he wanted the emails.

Ruskin could have just requested funding sources. If he was really honestly interested, that’s all he needed.

Ruskin was looking to find emails that could be taken out of context to discredit Folta. It’s not about truth or transparency. It’s about destroying your perceived enemy.

Yes, Folta’s university, not Folta personally, got money–25 large to be exact, from Monsanto to help fund his public outreach. It wasn’t for his research, which is non-GMO, but to speak about GM science in which he is very well versed.

Basically, they gave him money to continue to do what he was already doing. But I do have to say this. Even though we only met once in person, and I do consider him a friend, I think he brought this on himself. He was being a little circumspect, if that’s the right word, in not disclosing the fact that his university was given money, but that it wasn’t used to fund his research. But that doesn’t negate the fact the accusations against him are unfounded.

He got money from Monsatan, so what? Focus on the science and not the funding. Since the antis don’t have the actual science on their side they have resorted to character assassination.

Gary Ruskin is not looking for transparency, he is looking to discredit scientists who disagree with his anti-science stance.

And what has been the result of this campaign for the truth and transparency? Harassment, death threats, intimidation and the posting online of personal family information including his address, by the anti-GMO contingent.

Will Ruskin step up and denounce this terrorist behavior or is this was he wanted all along? Did he know that by giving raw tainted meat to the starving mutts would create this onslaught of borderline criminality?

They’ve attacked a good man, a man who is trying to make a difference in this world, unlike the miscreants who are attacking him. This is the left we’re talking about, not the right. The supposed good guys. The anti-GMO movement has become Hannity, Beck and Limbaugh all rolled into one.

And now let’s move on to another scientist who is a Ruskin target, Dr. Michelle “Shelley” McGuire a researcher at Washington State University and expert in human milk and lactation.  She read a study commissioned by the anti-GMO group Moms Across America that claimed there were dangerous levels of glyphosate in breast milk. She decided to do a follow-up study and came to the opposite conclusion. She was upfront that she and her team worked with Monsanto, they reached out to the company, but she also noted that their results were sent to a third-party independent lab to confirm their findings.

You can read about it here. Nutritionist Michelle McGuire responds to attacks in wake of ‘glyphosate not in milk’ study

Enter Ruskin. He demanded her emails even though she, like Folta, offered to hand over any relevant funding data.


Ruskin is a thug. He doesn’t want transparency, he wants to silence and destroy those who have the actual evidence on their side. His group is the left version of the Climategate people, except worse.

If Ruskin has a counterpart in Nixon’s Plumbers, I guess it would be Bernard Barker, who was recruited by E. Howard Hunt to dig up dirt on Ellsberg. Huh, and I guess that makes Ronnie Cummins Maurice Stans, since the Organic Consumers Association is the biggest funder of USRTK


Has the Anti-GMO worm turned… more?

Has the Anti-GMO worm turned… more?

liar soxirpath

Back in April, I wrote in a post called Anti-GMO…crazier  than I thought

 The anti-GMO movement is in a bad place. While they still con people into buying their lies and nonsense, a subtle shift has occurred. Opinion is beginning to turn against them.

Mainstream media has been casting a much more skeptical eye and various lefty/green writers have either changed their minds or at least taking less strident anti stances and are willing to be a little more open-minded. It’s hard to say what has been causing the change in these writers. It could be they are starting to realize that scientists aren’t lying to them. It might be that the antis are. It just might be a combination of both.

Today two pieces were published that add to that worm turning. The first, Unhealthy Fixation by  on Slate is a long form, detailed look at the anti-GMO movement that pretty much, says the same thing I’ve been saying for some time: The anti-GMO movement is filled with nothing but frauds and liars.

Saletan nails it and hits it out of the park. I have to say that I think it is most in-depth and right-on-the money article I’ve ever read on the issue.

If you’re like me, you don’t really want to wade into this issue. It’s too big, technical, and confusing. But come with me, just this once. I want to take you backstage, behind those blanket assurances about the safety of genetic engineering. I want to take you down into the details of four GMO fights, because that’s where you’ll find truth. You’ll come to the last curtain, the one that hides the reality of the anti-GMO movement. And you’ll see what’s behind it.

What Saletan finds is what we’ve all known for some time. The anti-GMO movement is full of shit. Among the issues he tackles are the Golden Rice and rainbow papaya controversies and shows how the antis keep moving the goalposts when one of their lies get blown out of the water.

About the Golden Rice issue he writes

Potrykus and Conway wanted to try everything to alleviate vitamin A deficiency: diversification, fortification, supplementation, and Golden Rice. But the anti-GMO groups refused. They called Golden Rice a “Trojan horse” for genetic engineering. They doubled down on their double standards. They claimed that people in the afflicted countries wouldn’t eat yellow rice, yet somehow could be taught to grow unfamiliar vegetables. They portrayed Golden Rice as a financial scheme, but then—after Potrykus made clear that it would be given to poor farmers for free—objected that free distribution would lead to genetic contamination of local crops. Some anti-GMO groups said the rice should be abandoned because it was tied up in 70 patents. Others said the claim of 70 patents was a fiction devised by the project’s leaders to justify their collaboration with AstraZeneca, a global corporation.

I’ve never seen the duplicitous nature of the antis summed up so succinctly. I can’t praise Unhealthy Fixation enough.  It’s New Yorker sized in its length, but read it. It’s all on one page! It is also the perfect article to forward to your fence-sitting friends or ones who aren’t activists but have bought into their nonsense. If I do have a criticism it’s that I wish I had written it.

The second article is on a blog called The Mind Restrained called An appeal to food activists: You are aimed the wrong direction written by Flynn McEchron

I can get down with fighting the power.  Actually, I’ve spent a lot of time doing just that, and working to affect policy directly.  But GMO has become the unfortunate victim of anti corporate rhetoric, all the while lining the pockets of other corporations that have been decided the Good Guys.

While not as long or detailed as Saletans’s piece, he hits all the nails on their heads regarding the antis. McEhron, concentrates a little more on the corporate aspect of the issue. It hasn’t got as much traction as that other guy, what’s his name’s article, but it is just as valid and on the money

GMOs could help with the crippling Vitamin A deficiency being experienced by their young, who often go blind before puberty. GMOs are not dividing up the planet and its resources, banks and warlords are. GMO has become the unfortunate victim caught in the middle of So who has benefited from the hype of these sorts of issues overlapping?  The Organic industry.

Through social media campaigns, “GMO”, “Monsanto” and “EVIL” have become synonymous. It wasn’t very hard to take the Occupy energy (with all its anti bank, anti corporate jingoism) and let it seep over into the grocer battle that’s taking place in the United States.  Whole Foods is more profitable than 85% of US grocers, with the organic industry as a whole generating nearly 5 billion dollars a year.

For some time I thought I was out there alone, in the sense I wasn’t seeing liberal/left progressives calling out the bullshit of the antis. Read both pieces

What’s sad is I still am out there among some of my friends. They don’t want to hear it. They want to remain in the dogma of The Tribe.

The “But Johnny does it” argument of GMO labeling

The “But Johnny does it” argument of GMO labeling

I’ve written about this before, but since it has been brought up by my candidate Bernie Sanders, I think it is time to revisit it.

sandersgmBecause other countries do something means we should do it is a stupid argument, plain and simple. The response to this is the age-old mother’s retort, If Johnny jumped off the Brooklyn Bridge, would you do it too?

Let’s look at what other countries do.  Should we follow their lead?

79 countries have laws against homosexuality. Source

127 countries don’t have laws against marital rape. Source

66 countries either ban abortion totally or only allow it to save the life of the mother.  Source


These two are really rich. Are they serious?

He also thinks they should be protected from gays and Pussy Riot


Support for a military coup?  Police and military arrest and threaten critics of the ruling junta, including student activists. Public demonstrations are banned. Press freedom restricted.

And as much as I hate to go Godwin, here’s a picture of Himmler at his organic farm near Dachau. Where’s the GMOFreeUSA meme?


These antis are either really, really stupid, nuts, or both.


Are GMO activists junkies?

Are GMO activists junkies?

We’ve all seen these types of images illustrating anti-GMO articles


One major thing pops out of these images. The process of GMO is not done with syringes. It’s a stupid illustration.  If I were to write an article about organic food, this would actually be more accurate than those images


Now here’s a thought that was humorously brought up in a Facebook thread. Where do they get all these syringes? That got me to thinking, how could someone get access to so many syringes?

Well, in many cities across the country they have programs that distribute free syringes to junkies to prevent the spread of diseases like hepatitis and AIDS. So, what does that tell us?

I think it tells us that anti-GMO activists must be junkies in order to amass so many needles. They get quite a few needles from city needle give-away programs. They add up, right? Especially if you have a heavy habit.


There you have it. The anti-GMO movement is populated by heroin addicts.

What’s that you say, that is stupid and not true? It’s no more stupid than claiming GMOs cause cancer, autism and every other disease known to mankind.

And of course it’s not true, I just made it up. I look at it this way. If the antis can make stuff up, like the idea that every person who uses the facts and science to defend GMO is paid shill, why can’t I claim they are all junkies?

As a side note: I was in my local deli the other day and the guy in front of me was wearing a March Against Monsanto shirt. He ordered a coffee with milk and 8 sugars. Wow, this lying thing is kinda fun.

Is Chipotle anti-GMO’s worst nightmare?

Is Chipotle anti-GMO’s worst nightmare?

Earlier this month I wrote this: mainstream media has been casting a much more skeptical eye and various lefty/green writers have either changed their minds or at least taking less strident anti stances and are willing to be a little more open-minded. 

Then came Chipotle’s major announcement of their decision to jettison GMO “ingredients.” All of a sudden, the cracks in the dam widened. The media jumped all over Chipotle. Here a few examples:

The GMO worm seems to be turning, slowly, but still changing direction. When sites like Gizmodo weigh in, something’s happening.

What’s good about it is that it may have an effect on the average Joe and Josefina, who only hear the loudest and the nuttiest .



Anti-GMO dumbasses invade NPR

Anti-GMO dumbasses invade NPR

There seems to be a belief that National Public Radio’s audience is educated, well informed and smart. If the comments in response to an article, The Danger Of GMOs: Is It All In Your Mind? is any indication, that belief seems to be in misguided. Or, maybe its just that the dumbass antis have invaded.  My hope is that it’s the latter.

Here are a few comments that is pretty much an example of how the conversation is going, and it’s a long conversation

Altering the genetic makeup of biological organisms and introducing them to the environment introduces change. That is a fact. You change the chemical make-up of a potato, you change the process of digestion. It is not something that requires a lot of excuses. DNA is not DNA. That is why people do not look like trees and trees do not look like dogs. We don’t need GMO’s.


My problem with GMO food is more how it is farmed the the produce itself. The massive monoculture blocks of Rougndup [sic] ready fields are practically dead zones, inhabited only by those GMO crops that survive the torrents of herbicides and pesticides that are rained down upon them by the debt enthralled slaves called farmers who have little or no choice in what and how they can produce. Garbage in garbage out.

We can only hope it’s just an invasion of the imbeciles. There are rational folks there playing whack-a-mole, but it’s a losing battle.


Anti-GMO…crazier than I thought

Anti-GMO…crazier than I thought

The anti-GMO movement is in a bad place. While they still con people into buying their lies and nonsense, a subtle shift has occurred. Opinion is beginning to turn against them.

Maintream media has been casting a much more skeptical eye and various lefty/green writers have either changed their minds or at least taking less strident anti stances and are willing to be a little more open-minded. It’s hard to say what has been causing the change in these writers. It could be they are starting to realize that scientists aren’t lying to them. It might be that the antis are. It just might be a combination of both.

On top of that, prominent public figures like Neil deGrasse Tyson and Bill Nye have respectively said, “chill out,” and “I’m going to revise the second edition of my book to reflect my stance on GMOs.” (the latter is not an exact quote)

What do the antis make of all this? Yeah, the same old “bought off” routine. But that song and dance is a bit long in the tooth. There are just so many people who Monsanto can buy off even when you make around $15 billion.

Actually, the anti movement is very much like vaudeville. The same players doing the same routines in city after city.  Eventually they were replaced by moving pictures which were more modern, convenient and cost less.

From l to r: Mercola, Shiva, Cummins, Adams, Seralini, Hansen
From l to r: Mercola, Shiva, Cummins, Adams, Seralini, Hansen

So, what’s an anti to do? You ratchet it up.

Slowly, scientists and farmers have been coming out of their labs and fields and fighting back against the bullshit peddled by the antis. They are outraged at the libelous accusations made against them. This does not sit well with the antis. They ratcheted it up and have engaged in online smears of squints like the excellent science communicator Kevin Folta, who have put themselves out to bring science to the people. They accuse farmers of poisoning people.

Their latest and most disturbing and desperate tactic was taken straight out of the climate deniers playbook. A newly formed group called US-Right-to-Know (US-RTK) have filed FOIA requests against 14 scientists, including the aforementioned Flash Folta, at public universities for all their emails which reference companies like Monsanto. They are looking for payola. Do they have any proof that these squints are on Monsanto’s payroll? Nope. They speak in favor of GMOs.  It’s a fishing expedition.

And, even if they do find any ties, tenuous or solid, does that make what they are saying wrong? That’s a big tactic. Since they can’t go after the science, go after real or imagined conflicts. Whether or not any of these squints are getting paid, doesn’t negate the evidence they present. To dismiss out of hand any evidence simply due to industry ties is dishonest.

If you want to know the true duplicitous nature of the anti movement, right-to-know pretty much sums up how full of shit they are. They demand transparency. What is the evil Monsanto hiding? In response to that, the biotech industry, led by Monsanto set up a site called GMO Answers that answers consumer questions about GMOs. They get volunteer scientists and farmers to answer questions. What was the reaction of the antis? Corporate propaganda! Lies! has a 2013 piece by Alternet’s Katherine Paul Zack Kaldveer that questions the idea of an industry-run answer site

In this case, it’s a new website and forum, introduced by biotech trade groups no doubt with the help of a new PR firm. And a new front group. (emphasis mine) The freshly launched is funded by the biotech industry, which claims it just “wants to talk.”

This week, the New York Times reported on the launch of, a new website intended to “answer virtually any question posed by consumers about genetically engineered crops.” Except, of course, where they’re hidden in our food.(emphasis mine)

Right there, that bolded phrase shows how little Kaldveer knows about GM technology. Where they’re hidden? Hey Katherine, go over to the site and ask them. Kaldveer’s nonsense is similar to a complaint by former Prop. 37 leader Stacey Malkin and now a member of the US-RTK that is demanding the emails. Folta mentions it on his blog

Perhaps my favorite comment by Stacy Malkan is that GMO does not address the “peer-reviewed statement” that 300 scientists claim “no consensus”. I hope they do eventually, heck, I might even ask the question on GMO Answers.

Hey, Stace, go over and ask. That’s what they’re there for. Oh, right. Corporate propaganda.

They’re totally full of shit. There is no other way to describe it.

I’m smelling desperation at Anti-GMO Central. Their tactics remind me of how Hunter Thompson described Richard Nixon. He had the fighting instincts of a badger trapped by hounds… Badgers don’t fight fair, bubba.

The FOIA request was so egregious even the normally anti-allied Union of Concerned Scientists issued a report concerning this new activist tactic

Open records requests are increasingly being used to harass and intimidate scientists and other academic researchers, or to disrupt and delay their work…

More recently they added truly bizarre tactic to their arsenal.   sciendenyoca

You have got to be kidding me. And it’s not just Monsanto they are claiming are anti-science. It’s pro-GMO. It’s Bizarro World. The Organic Consumers Association whose fearless leader is solidly anti-vax is calling others anti- science? Do they really believe this or are they just nuts? They remind me of an old Carlin bit on stupid people. He divided them into three groups:  stupid, full of shit and nuts. I think the anti groups are, to paraphrase Carlin describing Dan Quayle, all three.

When the movement started gaining steam, it was a simple straight-forward right-to-know. But that was a red herring. The real end goal was elimination of GM technology which they now admit while still pimping the right-to-know nonsense.

It’s no use trying to change the minds of groups like the intellectually challenged liars at GMOFreeUSA or the lying thugs of the Organic Consumers Association. It’s a losing battle. You can’t change crazy. The best bet for folks like me and you is to counter their nonsense in public forums, online and off. If  scientists and farmers keep getting message out, it will cease to become an issue altogether.

But if you look at it the big picture, I don’t think this is a real issue for most Americans. They may give lip service when asked, but they basically only know what they hear from the antis since they yell the loudest. They have more important issues to deal with like making a living wage, paying the rent/mortgage and taking care of their families. The idea that these well-fed, sighted, unprincipled fucks are fighting to stop a useful technology is disgraceful. They ought to be ashamed of themselves for spreading fear and lies. But they won’t.  It’s a righteous, religious crusade.

One final afterthought. What the hell is up with them making demands on farmers and companies? They demand farmers do it this way. They demand food companies do it that way. What kind of narcissists are these miscreants that they feel they can dictate that their lifestyle choices should be followed by all of society? I mean, these organic pricks wouldn’t set foot in a McDonalds or buy Kraft Mac n’ Cheese, yet they feel entitled to dictate to these companies to adjust products they don’t and won’t use. to fit the worldview? And farmers? Who the hell knows how to farm better than a farmer, some urban hippie who couldn’t find his ass with both hands and thinks he’s a farmer because he has a plot in a community garden?

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