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Are GMO activists junkies?

Are GMO activists junkies?

We’ve all seen these types of images illustrating anti-GMO articles


One major thing pops out of these images. The process of GMO is not done with syringes. It’s a stupid illustration.  If I were to write an article about organic food, this would actually be more accurate than those images


Now here’s a thought that was humorously brought up in a Facebook thread. Where do they get all these syringes? That got me to thinking, how could someone get access to so many syringes?

Well, in many cities across the country they have programs that distribute free syringes to junkies to prevent the spread of diseases like hepatitis and AIDS. So, what does that tell us?

I think it tells us that anti-GMO activists must be junkies in order to amass so many needles. They get quite a few needles from city needle give-away programs. They add up, right? Especially if you have a heavy habit.


There you have it. The anti-GMO movement is populated by heroin addicts.

What’s that you say, that is stupid and not true? It’s no more stupid than claiming GMOs cause cancer, autism and every other disease known to mankind.

And of course it’s not true, I just made it up. I look at it this way. If the antis can make stuff up, like the idea that every person who uses the facts and science to defend GMO is paid shill, why can’t I claim they are all junkies?

As a side note: I was in my local deli the other day and the guy in front of me was wearing a March Against Monsanto shirt. He ordered a coffee with milk and 8 sugars. Wow, this lying thing is kinda fun.

GMOFreeUSA and their pals love their autocrats

GMOFreeUSA and their pals love their autocrats

UPDATE: This is an update of a post I did on 6/13/2014. I felt it needed to be posted again, since I just found another authoritarian country the antis love, Gambia.

Since the Anti-GMO movement doesn’t have the facts or real science their side, they hitch their wagon to anybody or anything that promotes their cause no matter how illegitimate. When they’re not doing that they’re making shit up.

Their latest nonsense is favoriting countries with less than stellar democratic leanings who are banning GMOs. Here’s GMOFREEUSA’s latest hero country


Seriously? They are celebrating a military coup because they champion organic farming? Time Magazine had this to say about the coup

Since seizing power, Thailand’s military has crushed all forms of dissent, imposed a nightly curfew and imposed severe curbs on civil liberties, and taken over all government departments.

Hey! They like Russia and Putin, too.

And of course, what list be be complete without China?

Again, seriously? Have they not been paying attention to rash of real poisonous food scandals? From Atlantic Magazine, It Will Be Hard to Beat China’s Latest Food Contamination Scandal

The Telegraph has this handy little list Top 10 Chinese Food Scandals

But, NO GMOs!

Could there be a more imbecilic movement than the Anti-GMO movement? Well, the anti-vaccine movement, but then again, many Antis belong to that movement as well.

UPDATE: Friend of the blog mem_somerville alerted me to the fact that Syria also banned GMOs. I found this




Gambia is the latest fave rave of the antis. The President of Gambia has reportedly said he will “slit the throats” of homosexuals and “no white person can do anything about it”. This March, the EU cut aid to Gambia due to human rights violations. A report by the UN Special Rapporteur on Torture has found evidence of significant human rights violations in Gambia.  See article here




Anti-GMO/Organic activists… GIMME! GIMME! GIMME! ME! ME! ME!

Anti-GMO/Organic activists… GIMME! GIMME! GIMME! ME! ME! ME!


Lately it has occurred to me that along with buying into nonsense and bad science, the Anti-GMO and organic crowd sounds like a bunch of entitled, spoiled children. Look at the GMOInside meme above. The crowd is always making demands about their food.

Who makes demands about their food and drink? Well, fed, affluent, self-entitled westerners, that’s who. More to the point, assholes.

When I was a kid, if anybody went into a store or to a farm and and demanded they sell/grow only things the way we liked, we would have been laughed out of the place. The farmers may have socked you one.

Yet, these organic antis feel they right to demand things. They have this self-entitled idea that they have the right to dictate because it’s what they believe. That’s right, believe.

My dad had a grocery store and people would come in and ask if he could stock this or that. They didn’t demand he stock it, especially at the expense of other products. If some customer came in and demanded that he stock XYZ produce instead of ABC produce, he would have told them to go somewhere else.

What kind of mental disorder does one have to have to fear their entire food supply? This has been written elsewhere, but these people should feel lucky the have ability to bitch about their food. In too many places in the world, people are starving. I think anything that works, whether it be organic, conventional, or GMO should be part of the solution.

Even better yet, how about using the best parts of all those methods? How about using what works?

Scientifically Illiterate Hall of Shame inducts CA State Senator Noreen Evans

Scientifically Illiterate Hall of Shame inducts CA State Senator Noreen Evans

Our latest induction to the Scientifically Illiterate Hall Of Shame (SIHS) is California State Senator Noreen Evans. Evans introduced a GMO labeling law in California and this is her reasoning according to the Press Democrat website

The Santa Rosa Democrat says genetically modified organisms have been linked to health problems ranging from allergies to cancer, and that babies, in particular, are at risk of getting sick, in part because their immune systems are not fully developed.

So, I’m thinning to myself. Who is this dame? I go to her website and as expected I see that on most issues we agree. So, where did she get these nonsensical ideas?

Reading further, I see the original bill was limited to only baby food and then she decided to open it up to all GMO foods. Still wrong, but where did this come from?

As it turns out, the original bill was requested by the California State Grange, which I thought was rather odd. I don’t know what Granges are like these days, but when I was growing up a bill like that would not be on the radar.

So, I go and look and see what is up with this California State Grange.

Ah, jeez. It’s some stupid hippie group whose page automatically plays some fiddle music that you can’t quit and the design is like the early days of the web. They don’t say anything about organic but I’m suspicious. If I’m wrong about this please correct me.

Read on, MacDuff. Director of legislative affairs for the California State Grange, Mike Greene said the grange has about 10,000 members in about 45 California counties. Wait for it…

Greene said the organization passed a resolution at its annual meeting in October calling for GMO labeling on baby foods. He said in November, a coalition of 17 groups, including the Grange, Pesticide Action Network and Organic Consumers Association, amended that stance to call for such labeling on all foods sold for human consumption in California. (my bolded emphasis)

Bingo! There it is. Anti-science, pro-organic, activist groups. And another well-meaning liberal, elected official hustled. Then again, I blame them for gobbling up the nonsense without asking actual scientists what they think. You have staffs, people. Have them research the issue and not rely on groups with agendas.

And it gets worse

Karen Hudson, coordinator of the group Sonoma County Label GMOs, said people “really don’t know what the repercussions” of serving foods with genetically engineered ingredients are. With respect to infants, she said it’s important parents be given the choice of knowing what goes into the products.

She said she doesn’t view it as any different than disclosing whether foods contain gluten, trans fats or known allergens. “All it is saying is it has GMO in the food,” she said.


Connecticut becomes the first scientifically illiterate state

Connecticut becomes the first scientifically illiterate state

double-facepalmsmThe State of Connecticut has become the first state in the nation to be inducted into the Progressive Contrarian’s Scientifically Illiterate Hall of Shame.

The scientifically illiterate Connecticut legislature passed a mandatory GMO labeling law earlier this year and a smiling scientifically clueless governor, Dannel P. Malloy, made an appearance at a local raw foods cafe in Fairfield on Wednesday to do a ceremonial signing of the GMO labeling law.

Despite every major scientific and medical organization agreeing to the safety of GM foods, the legislature and Governor happily agreed with the scientifically illiterate activists. The one good thing in all of this is that in order for the law to take effect, four Northeast states with populations of at least 20 million must adopt similar laws.

In a statement that should qualify him for his own inclusion into the Hall, Malloy said, in a press release

“I also want to be clear: This law does not ban anything. It requires the labeling of food products that have been modified with genetic engineering and do not occur naturally.”  (my emphasis)

When the legislature held hearings on the issues last year they didn’t have one scientist testify. They did have anti-gmo clown Jeffrey Smith testify.  I wrote to the task force to suggest they withdraw their invitation or at least involve real scientists. As I wrote in a post  in June

Last year, I wrote the Connecticut legislature’s GMO Labeling Task Force suggesting they have an actual scientist testify as a counterbalance to Smith’s nonsense. From my email:

I just read that Jeffrey Smith, of the Institute of Responsible Technology will be speaking before your GMO Labeling Task Force on August 8th. I would recommend you rescind this offer as Mr. Smith is a self-styled expert on GMOs. He has no experience in science or agriculture. For some reason he is considered an expert by the media and others.

If this is not possible, I suggest you at least have actual scientists testify on this issue to counterbalance his nonsense.

I received a polite reply from Elaine O’Brien who wrote

“my intention is to gather as much information as possible. I understand that this is not a simple subject and I do not believe we should be rushing to label before we understand the issue”.

What bullshit. They didn’t have any scientists testify and not only that, a member of the legislature even coached an activist on her testimony. I just came across this little nugget on

 Tara Cook-Littman… last year found herself being coached on testifying about GMO foods before the General Assembly by state Rep. Tony Hwang, R-Fairfield.

So, for their willful scientific illiteracy, we induct the State of Connecticut into the Hall of Shame.


Scientifically Illiterate Hall of Shame

Scientifically Illiterate Hall of Shame

Trying to convince the anti-gmo crowd the method of genetically engineering food is safe, or as safe as anything can be, is a daunting task. In fact, it’s like to trying to explain something to monkeys. Wait, let me retract that statement. Monkeys will eventually get it.

But, the anti-gmo troops on the ground are one thing.  When our elected officials are not only listening to these knuckleheads, but buying into it wholesale without any independent investigation of the issue, then it’s time to be concerned. They are supposed to well versed on issues. (yeah, yeah, I know)

Various city councils and state governments have toyed with the idea of not only labeling foods made with gmos, but want to ban them outright. Some have succeeded.  And then there has been noise on the federal level.

Therefore, I think it’s time to create a Hall of Shame for those scientifically illiterate elected officials who peddle gmo nonsense.  I will create a separate page for the list.

And I need your help.  If you read about some elected official saying something really stupid or scientifically incorrect about the genetic modification, forward it here to the Progressive Contrarian. Include a short paragraph explaining why they are a dumbass.  I can credit you or you can remain anonymous. It doesn’t matter if you agree with them 99% on other issues. People I respect like Bernie Sanders have bought into it.  We can only try to shame them into looking at the science and not the nonsense peddled by activists.

To get the ball rolling, the first people to be inducted are Los Angeles city councilmen, Paul Koretz and Mitch O’Farrell for co-sponsoring a bill that would prohibit the “growing or selling of genetically-modified seeds or plants within the City…”  What makes them scientifically illiterate? As O’Farrell told the Huffington Post

“We don’t want to consume mystery food… “Since there’s currently no requirement, anyone could unwittingly purchase a genetically modified product and not know it. I think that’s irresponsible.”

O’Farrell said he thinks the worldwide decline of honeybees is the “canary in the coal mine” for GMOs.

Oh, as a final thought, I guess we can include spokespeople for various anti-gmo activist groups. They aren’t elected officials, but they do hold sway over the nitwit faithful.

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